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My Weight Loss Journey Turned Into A Deadly Eating Disorder

When I was eight years old, my best friend told me I’d never be a ballerina. She pointed at my belly and said, “My instructor would make you do push-ups until you lost all that weight.” That year, I went on my first diet and my family bought Wii Fit, as the rest of them wanted to lose weight too. However, true weight loss never occurred to me until I reached 10th grade, when I started

Real Life

“We Do Not Consent”: A Look Inside the Ontario High School Protests

In response to this viral photo, hundreds of schools across Ontario took part in a walk-out protest on Friday, September 21. In August, Ontario Premier Doug Ford decided to scrap the 2015 sex education curriculum in favor of a version identical to the one in 1998. As opposed to the 2015 curriculum, there will be no mention of sexting, staying safe online, or scientific names for genitalia. As well, there will be limited teachings about consent,

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