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It’s Been 100 Years Since the Representation of (Some) Women Act

The Representation of Women Act is a complicated issue. On the one hand, 100 years ago women were recognised as important members of society for their hard work in the First World War and their bravery when campaigning for the vote. On the other hand, that vote only included 40 percent of the total population of women in the UK. Before celebrating the centenary of female suffrage, it is vital to remember the act was


We Need To Address the UK’s Female Genital Mutilation Crisis

“I dream of blood,” states Binta Jobe who at aged nine, was taken by her family into a bush near her family home in Gambia and forced to undergo mutilation. This nightmare doesn’t just happen to girls in other countries, it’s happening in the UK too. There are an estimated 137,000 women and girls affected by FGM in England and Wales, 60,000 of those being girls under 15. Ten cases have recently been reported in Lancashire and multiple cases


Trump Plans on Protecting Health Workers Who Refuse to Treat Transgender Patients

The Trump administration is reportedly reviewing a new rule that aims to empower the Department of Health and Human Services’ civil rights office. The plan is to protect health workers who don’t want to perform abortions, treat transgender patients or provide any other service that they object to. Roger Severino, the head of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights, actively opposes civil rights protections for minority communities. The Obama administration


The European Elections to Pay Attention to This Year

Europe has had little to no time to recover from a big year of elections in 2017, as 2018 attentively welcomes a new round of politics. This year will see the return of Europe’s political big hitters including Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Italy’s scandal-hit Silvio Berlusconi, while Hungary’s Viktor Orban is set to dominate the polls for re-election. Simultaneously, the EU prepares for elections in the Czech Republic amidst fear the nation may join rebellious

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Apple Is Deliberately Slowing Down Your iPhones

Apple is deliberately slowing down your iPhone: the revelation would appear to encourage the popular conspiracy theory about the iPhone. However, the tech giant claim its motive is not to encourage customers to upgrade to a newer model but rather as a precautionary measure. If they did not slow down our phones, they may unexpectedly shut down or break earlier than they should. Or so they claim. “Last year, we released a feature for iPhone


Our Definition of Masculinity Is Society’s Greatest Contradiction

When women say “all men suck,” we mean it. Women are oppressed in many, many, many more ways than men. But the system of traditional gender roles that we live in harms everyone and it is time that we address it. It’s our very definition of maleness and masculinity that keeps men within rigid and narrow expectations, creating a razor-thin window of acceptable manly behavior that you’d have to be a professional tightrope walker to navigate.

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