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Why Black Homosexuality is Not a Negative Attribute

No matter how much pseudo-intellectuals may try to urge it, debates based on controversial topics have never been tranquil. People, especially when arguing a point that they believe so deeply in, are not prone to be phlegmatic. Religion and politics are never encouraged to be discussed in the workplace, simply because beliefs like those are fairly unshakable, and a disagreement between two passionate people could lead to a colossal rift. Unlike the workplace, social media


I Was Rejected By My Dream School

There are few things that can beat the devastating blow that comes with being rejected by your Dream School. December 14th, 2017. On this date, I was supposed to receive my acceptance from Columbia University, which would cement the success and prosperity that was then obligated to occur in my life. This date was supposed to be the best day of my life, in every possible aspect. After weeks and weeks of researching and cyber-stalking,


The Mental Misadventures of Applying to an Ivy League School

Not only are Ivy League schools private, they’re also prestigious; if one applied to all eight schools, there’d only be a 10% chance of getting accepted into just one of them. From Harvard to Cornell, each school boasts a level of prestige and value that transcends the typical United States education. 91% of American children go to a public school. With this in mind, it’s safe to say that most students are not being prepared


According to the New York Police Department, “Blue Racism” Actually Exists

If there’s not one thing to stray attention from minority problems, it’s another. On Sunday of August 20th, 2017, the Sergeants Benevolent Association released a video titled “Blue Racism,” in which the group tries to explain how the climate in America towards police is extremely hostile, almost to the point of systematic discrimination. Not just any discrimination, however, but racism. Yes—according to the NYPD, they’re subject to racism because they’re “blue” police officers. Let’s analyze


LGBTQ+ Misconceptions and Microagressions That Still Need Explaining

In a typical life, there comes a moment when you can feel both the past and future staring at you—when every decision you’ve made has finally led up to the climax, and every decision you’ll now make will lead up to your future resolution. The entire world is taking a moment to pause and witness the most paramount moment of your life. For LGBTQ+ youth, this moment is often their coming out. That moment is


Republicans: Be Scared. Your Days Are Numbered.

To some, Donald Trump’s election was a huge win for the Republican Party. To others, it was the beginning of the end. Republicans, Trump lies. Lacks moral compass. Unfit for presidency. He tried to intimidate Yates, threaten Comey. Wake the hell up, already! — Ana Navarro (@ananavarro) May 12, 2017 As white people’s President becomes more entrenched in scandal, and his tweets become more and more volatile, a lot of pressure is starting to build


The President of Bethune-Cookman University Should Be Expelled

On Wednesday, May 10 of 2017, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos spoke at Bethune-Cookman University, located in Florida. When the decision was announced last week, petitions and protests arose; many different people wanted the fifty-nine-year-old to cancel the speech, stating “Bethune-Cookman University doesn’t need a photo-op from the Trump Administration” and that “we need action done by this administration for all HBCUs.” Regardless of the controversy, Betsy Devos still woke up that morning and gave a


The Glorification of the Police and the Complicit Media: The Murder of Jordan Edwards

On the night of April 29, 2017, fifteen-year-old Jordan Edwards was murdered by thirty-seven-year-old Roy Oliver. Jordan Edwards was a freshman at Mesquite High School; Roy Oliver was a police officer for Balch Springs Police Department in Texas. Officers were called to investigate the reports of underage drinking and gunshots—gunshots that supposedly caused Jordan and his friends to get in a car to leave the party. Roy Oliver, seeing the fleeing car, opened fire and


Mental Health in the Black Community Needs to be Combated, Not Ignored

In 2014, the rate of suicide for African-Americans was 5.63 out of 100,000. To some, that number doesn’t seem so high—especially when you compare it to whites, which was a whopping 17.61. Each year, 44,193 Americans die by suicide—and for each one, 25 Americans attempt it. Why are so many of us killing ourselves? That is a very pressing question for another day. Today, the discussion on the table is about mental illness—such as depression, bipolar


Chivalry Might Be Dead, but So Is That Era of Dependent Women

We’ve all heard the infamous saying, “chivalry is dead.” Men might hear it when their significant other is dissatisfied with their behavior, and women may say it whenever they witness a male being brusque and primitive. The definition of chivalry, though, is far more historical and a bit more primitive than we believe. Google defines it as “the medieval knightly system with its religious, moral, and social code” or even “the combination of qualities expected

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