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LGBT America: It’s Time to Finally Stand Up For More Than Military and Marriage

In America, same sex marriage is legal, gay people can serve in the military and police stations are hiring LGBT cops. However, LGBT people still have high rates of homelessness, drug abuse, survival sex work, hate crime victimization, brutality by police, mental illness, abuse, criminalization and discrimination. These accomplishments help us blend in with straight society, but do not solve the most serious issues that Queer America faces. Day by day, we get ignored, put


Catastrophic Mudslide Hits Sierra Leone With 600 People Missing

Sierra Leone is a country where flooding was not unusual, but the torrential rains early Monday devastated the country and doubled over on horror when it turned a horrific fast moving mudslide, destroying entire villages and sweeping away citizens and homes. This catastrophic mudslide wreaked havoc on the lives of the citizens of this West African nation. Bodies floated down the mudflow with nearly 400 people dead and at least 600 missing. It is estimated


What Are We Going to Do After #ImpeachTrump?

There has been talk of impeaching our so-called president, Donald Trump since before he took office, and rightly so. Considering Trump could be the worst president that America has ever had, and now because of the horrific events in Charlottesville last weekend, serious talk of impeachment has come back stronger than ever before, due to Trump’s insufficient and grudgingly delivered response about white supremacy and neo-nazis. Saturday, a large group of Nazis and racists from

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