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Shonda Rhimes, Dove & The Girl Collective: Supporting the Next Generation of Empowered Girls

Last month, TV giant Shonda Rhimes (best known for producing Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal), teamed with the Dove Self Esteem fund, to launch a new campaign: the Girl Collective. Focused on body positivity and confidence, the initiative aims to address the drastic numbers about negative self image, that are the reality for many young women. 8 in 10 girls refrain from participating in important activities because of low self-esteem.  Statistics like this should simply not have

Real Life

Thrifting: The Right Way

The thrifting phenomena is no mystery to the average Millennial or Gen Z kid. Vintage, thrifted, retro, and even borrowed clothes are everything when it comes to developing personal style. It’s truly a great habit. Vintage clothes can become conversation pieces and allow for a more creative approach to self expression, as it is far less confining than purchasing from mainstream retailers– not to mention that thrifting is great for the environment. Reducing fast-fashion consumption


Canada Just Became the Second Country in the World to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

As of Oct. 17, the Canadian government became the second in the world to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Canadians can now legally possess up to 30 grams of cannabis on their person, and can grow up to four, one-meter-tall marijuana plants on their property. The Trudeau government initially aimed for marijuana legalization to occur this past Canada Day (July 1), however, due to the lengthy and thorough legislative processes required for legalization, the

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