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Confederate Plaques Removed From Daytona Beach

Photo courtesy of Jim Tiller and the Daytona Beach News-Journal There is no better way to start off a Friday morning than to remove a couple of Confederate plaques from a tourist-infested park. Public work crews spent the morning of Friday, Aug. 18 stripping Daytona Beach’s Riverfront Park of three Confederate markers that honored soldiers from Volusia County that fought for the South in the Civil War. The quiet removal of the plaques came as


Rachel Maddow Acquired Trump’s Tax Forms

Shortly before the airing of her nightly newscast on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow revealed that she will be covering the recent surfacing of Trump’s past tax return form from 2005. The joint-filed document (which was filed in the year that he was wed to Melania) was acquired by David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist, but Maddow briefly discussed that the origin of its leak is unknown. In an extensive live interview with Maddow, Johnston

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The False Dichotomy Between Liberal Arts and STEM Fields

In an age of advancement, competitiveness is the key to success. Valuable jobs granted to high-school graduates are diminishing into obsolescence, Associate’s degrees are rendered nearly insignificant in a competitive workforce, and the cost of tuition is multiplying by the hour. The late Generation Y are graduating high school with debt even before they enroll in college; they have spent their entire high-school careers preparing for the debt and financial obligations that will consume them

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Frank Ocean Doesn’t Owe You Anything (and Neither Do Other Musicians)

2012 was a good year for music. Fiona Apple finally dropped something, alt-J released their only exciting album, and the world had not yet suffered from the influx of The xx inspired photo edits (Coexist first saw the light of day in 2012). We had only briefly been acquainted with the super collective Odd Future, fronted by the explosive, unhinged Tyler the Creator, who brought the collective to mainstream audiences in 2011 after the music

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What Hedi Slimane’s Legacy Means for People of Color

In early April of this year, Hedi Slimane announced his departure from the title of Yves Saint Laurent’s creative director, resigning after a four-year creative control of the Paris-based fashion house. Hedi Slimane’s tenure at the Paris fashion house was ambitious. The press hailed his creative direction and complete rebranding of the company as monumental; in sync with his transformation of the brand’s aesthetic, he doubled the brand’s sales and polished its financial revenue. A

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Why Children of Addiction Aren’t Susceptible to Failure

  There is a specific point in your life when you are no longer heavily affected by the opinions of others. For me, I never had the privilege of hearing what others thought about me (thankfully I was surrounded by people who kept their opinions to themselves)—the pressure I felt was my own interpretation of what they thought of me (thinking of myself from the outside), and I made a pretty big effort in making

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