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A Movement Is Trying to Prevent ‘Virginity Tests’ in a Rural Indian Community

There has recently been a movement to prevent newly-wed brides from a nomadic community in the western Indian state of Maharashtra from having to go through ‘virginity tests’, as reported by the BBC. The virginity tests involve the couple being given a white sheet and going to a hotel room where they are expected to consummate the marriage while their families and members of the council wait outside. If the bride does not bleed during


Preparation for the Royal Wedding Triggers an Attack on the Homeless

Recently all that has been talked about on the news and in the media is the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the impact of this highly anticipated day is wide-reaching. There have been calls from Simon Dudley, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead councilor, to prosecute or remove large numbers of homeless people in the Windsor area in anticipation of the royal wedding as the wedding will be taking


Britain’s Denial of Its Ugly Past

As someone who has lived in England their whole life, I have noticed a certain form of denial and ignorance when it comes to looking at aspects of history — in particular, history that involves and past treatment of ethnic minorities across the world. During Black History Month, we give it a respectful mention on the news and maybe (if you’re lucky) you get a hasty assembly at school. But then we all go home


Where Are Our Girls Now? The Chibok Kidnapping 3 Years On

#bringbackourgirls. A phrase that dominated 2014 and was often accompanied by a solemn famous face staring down into the camera, with an expression that was almost convinced that the sheer fierceness of their gaze would transport these girls home. More than 3 years later and  everyone  has moved on to solemnly holding plaques about something else, whilst they pat themselves on the back for their pseudo-activism, and initiate minimal change. For anyone who is not


How Stories of Objectification Can Turn Into the Oppression Olympics

One day at school, a friend of mine hesitantly brought up a topic to me in class. She told me about a video she had watched in which a white female on an airplane to South Africa made comments about black men that some would interpret as stereotypical, offensive and sexual objectifying while others would interpret as bad comedy albeit still stereotypical. My friend who happens to be Asian, then asked the question, ‘Is this

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