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Georgia’s Abortion Ban Opponents Find Unlikely Allies in Hollywood

Georgia’s most recent ban on abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy comes as part of a wave of regulatory rollbacks on female reproductive rights in America. The Georgian governor, Brian Kemp, mandated a bill in May which would prohibit virtually all abortions after a detectable fetal heartbeat. The policy has been met with severe backlash from protestors, who are taking their indignant outcries to streets and social media. However, they have just acquired solidarity


Political Neutrality Is A Privilege: Check Yours

In an age defined by upheaval and turmoil, abstaining from political involvement can seem like the exclusive path to maintaining a shred of sanity. However, there is merit to what online “social justice warriors” have been expressing about willful ignorance – that it is the most implicit yet toxic expression of privilege known to the hemisphere of Western activism. Before even delving into the bulk of this debate, it should be duly noted that taking


US Airstrikes Killed More Civilians Than The Pentagon Admits

From its liberal use of torture, the implementation of PRISM, a mass surveillance program used on American civilians, to rising counts of employee sexual harassment, the US military has never failed to remain at the centre of controversy. However, one recent story seems to have fallen out of the headlines before it even had the chance to appear in them. A report released by Amnesty International last month shed light on the shadowy claims made by


What the Loss Of Kirstjen Nielsen Means in Trump’s America

“Instability” has been a recurring theme since President Donald Trump’s inauguration, particularly for those closest to him and most accustomed to his agenda. Positions held within the Trump administration are beginning to seem less permanent than even the president’s most flippant (and almost always, later-contradicted) claims, as the latest firing of former Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, has positively affirmed. Akin to the host of previous expulsions, the implications are as complicated as the


Trudeau’s in Trouble — How The Disgraced Canadian Prime Minister Keeps Making Things Look Worse For His Party

These past few weeks have been trying times for Trudeau’s administration, with a flurry of cabinet resignations, controversy and revelations of in-fighting surrounding the liberal party. The scandal was conceived by a Globe and Mail report in February, which stated that the previous attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould, was pressured by the Canadian government to intervene in a legal case involving the company SNC-Lavalin. The corporation was charged by the RCMP back in 2015 with corrupt

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