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Tola Folarin-Coker

Tola Folarin-Coker

Unpacking The White Savior Complex

The white savior complex refers to the idea in which a white person attempts to “rescue” or help a person of color from their own situation. Though they think that they are doing the right thing, white people going out of their way to insert themselves into the lives of POC is doing more harm than good. This trope appears in many films such as The Help, Greenbook and Hidden Figures. The white savior trope

Mental Health

The Unspoken Topic Of Postpartum Depression

We are in a time when mental health is at the forefront of many social and political conversations, where we are actively trying to destigmatize mental illness and normalize its place in society. However, it seems that a particular group of people that are left out of the mental health conversation — new mothers. Postpartum depression is a specific type of depression that affects new mothers within the first year of giving birth with 1

Real Life

What It’s Like Not Knowing Your Parents’ Mother Tongue

If you’re the child of immigrants, then you know all too well about growing up in a household that spoke a different language other than the English you were exposed to. This means you were lucky enough to speak and understand two languages, at least. However, if you’re like me, and your parents didn’t speak their native tongue to you growing up, then it might have left you feeling out-of-place at home and with your peers who


It’s Time To Face The Facts And Stop Pretending That Britian Isn’t Racist

On Good Morning Britain, Pierce Morgan got into a debate Professor Kehinde Andrew who was a guest on the show where he was discussing Britain’s racist past and rolling effects on the rest of the world and Pierce being the fragile man that he is, got offended, but who is surprised at this point? What brought on this heated discussion when astronaut Scott Kelly quoted Winston Churchill in a tweet on October 7th: One of the greatest


Being Asexual In A Hyper-Sexual Society

In the last couple of years, society has become more accepting of the idea of casual sex. We’re in a time where people can openly talk about what they want, what they like and tell endless stories of their sexual experiences without being shamed or judged. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines asexuality as ‘not having sexual feelings toward others: not experiencing sexual attraction.’ Asexuality is many times misinterpreted as celibacy or abstinence, those of which are conscious choices

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