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Victorya Strong

Are Our Opinions Original, or Is Society Dictating Our Beliefs?

Before we as humans advanced in how we treat others and ourselves, racism, sexism, and homophobia were all completely normal things. These were all topics that everyone felt the same on, and if you didn’t, you were cast out and called impractical and rude. Nowadays, everyone has this opinion and that statement about freedom of speech and pride and equality, and if you were racist or homophobic, you were cast out as well. So have

Real Life

What I Learned From My Experience In The Foster Care System

The foster care system has a lot of if and buts. It doesn’t always work for everyone. So whereas one might find a home, another kid might never be placed with the right one. In my case, if I had never gone back with my mom, I might’ve stayed in the system years longer than I actually did. Foster Care isn’t an exact science. Social workers don’t work you into an equation the finds your

Mental Health

5 Assumptions People Make About Depressed People

Have you ever heard about a friend or an acquaintance at school that was supposedly depressed? In our society today, it’s not uncommon to hear of these things, even at young of an age as middle school. When these types of rumors spread, it’s usual for people to have their own opinions and thoughts on the matter. But sometimes, those thoughts are just guess-work and are assumptions to things they don’t know about. These are

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