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Attacking Far-Right Praxis: A Crash Course on Antifa

Black bandanas. Black hoodies. Black ski masks, clear chemical safety goggles. Black gloves. Black power. Brown berets. Through a history of radical leftism, Antifa, or anti-fascist activism, takes direct action in order to combat oppressive structures. In order to understand Antifa, you need to understand fascism: extreme right-wing nationalist ideologies rooted in Italian dictatorship over communities of marginalized people created during the era of genocidal, supremacist leader Benito Mussolini. Fascism directly promotes imperialism, traditionalism, totalitarianism,


Jeffree Star and Manny MUA Show Off Their Transphobia in Recent Tweets

Warning, this article mentions transphobia, cissexism, misogyny, and racism. After cis gay makeup artists (or MUAs, by the social media community’s jargon) have grown more in numbers through social media, it is almost not uncanny that Manny Gutierrez (known through the internet at Manny MUA( and Jeffree Star displayed more ignorant behavior. This time, Gutierrez and Star dabbled in transphobia via social media. Gutierrez tweeted “Roses are red, violets are blue…the number of genders is


Don’t Pretend Like Warhawk Hillary Doesn’t Support These Attacks on Syria

With the U.S.’s long-standing history of imperialism, it was no surprise that another Western leader attacked a country in the global south in the name of a “war on terror”. What many fail to realize in the face of protecting the comforts of white, privileged westerners is how much the victims of American terror suffer as a result. On April 6, 2017, under the Drumpf administration, America launched 59 tomahawk missiles which hit an airfield


Protests Break Out in France After Unarmed Chinese Man, Liu Shaoyo, Was Killed By Law Enforcement

On Monday, March 20th, French authorities confirmed that they were going to investigate the murder of Liu Shaoyo, 56, by Parisian policemen. By the words of Paris’s police force, shots were fired in self-defense during a raid because Liu Shaoyo approached an officer with a “bladed weapon”. Shaoyo was killed while cutting fish with scissors in front of his children while making dinner, and investigation may lead to the fact that he had not injured


Interview With Fabiola Ching and Tam-anh Nguyen of Coalition Zine

Coalition Zine is a contemporary literary magazine and publication for activists created for femme creatives of color. It publishes work of submitted and original fiction, poetry, nonfiction, photography, and video interviews of artists of color. I sat down with the editor-in-chief, Fabiola Ching, and Coalition‘s videographer, Tam-anh Nguyen, to discuss this spectacular collective and project. Fabiola, Tam-anh, and Vriddhi have been abbreviated as F, T, and V respectfully in order to ensure readabiity. V: So


Interview With Writer Brynne Rebele-Henry: Prose, Gayness, and Girlhood

A teen writing phenomenon, Brynne Rebele-Henry has published numerous critically acclaimed works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry all during her adolescence. Born in 1999, Brynne is a lesbian feminist who has had work appear in publications like the Denver Review, the Adroit Journal, and PANK. In 2016, Brynne published Fleshgraphs, an experimental confessional novel exploring “queerness, girlhood, and illness” that earned praise from Publishers Weekly. Brynne also founded Fissure, a magazine for LGBTQIP+ teen writers.


#ResistCapitalism: The Global Anti-Capitalist Twitter Storm Fueled by Thousands

If you ever need proof of the muscle and solidarity of social media, look no further than what happened at 3 p.m. ET on Feb. 25, where millions participated in a global anti-Capitalist twitter-storm known as #ResistCapitalism. All across the world, people expressed their disdain for the exploitation of marginalized people from such a system, and by four pm EST, this hashtag was the fifth most trending with almost 22.4k tweets under it. Through this tag,


Exploitation of Emotional Labor Is Real for Women and Femmes of Color

In society, there is more than one type of labor that meets the eye. One is visible labor, which people earn monetary compensation for. Under this kind of labor, women and femmes, especially women and femmes of color, earn a lot less than their white or white male counterparts. With that, then there’s the elusive type of labor that slips both the eye and mind, and people often take it equally for granted: emotional labor.

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