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Back to School Stories That’ll Make You Not Hate School That Much

So, for me, school starts again next Monday, and I have mixed feelings about going back, this is my last year at this particular school, and I thought it would be a good idea to recollect stories from people about their  most embarrassing moments through their high school experiences. **Before you read on, please be sure to note some of the names have been changed to protect the identity of people who have been mentioned**

Europe/UK, International

Turkey Wedding Bombed

On August 21 in Turkey, a wedding was destroyed by a suicide bomber…who was aged ’12 to 14′ according to President Recep Tayyib Erdogan. Mr Erdogan said that the IS (Islamic State) was behind the attack, this is yet to be confirmed but is looking more and more likely. The people who initiated the attack, targeted a Kurdish wedding party, in a place called Gaziantep, near the Syrian border, which is known to have several


Amber Heard Donates ALL Of Her Divorce Settlement

In May, 2016, Amber Heard came out with allegations saying that she suffer domestic violence at the hands of her husband, Johnny Depp. Both of them agreed to settle their divorce out of court on Tuesday 16th of August, and on Thursday 18th of August, she had released an official statement saying that she would receive a massive $7 million in divorce settlement money…and get this – she will be donating it all to charity.


Female YouTubers That Will Change Your Life

From starting off as a website people uploaded videos for fun to what it is now, YouTube had progressed to such a stage that it is now a part of everyone’s life. Whether you’re into make up, and the latest high street fashion, or just enjoy watching people react to things, there are many different platforms that people use to make a living from, here are the three YouTubers, I think everyone should know and


Malia Obama: Just Do You, Girl

Dear Malia, I’m sorry. Sorry that you can’t be yourself, go out and do normal things that other girls your age do. From a young age you have been the centre of focus for a lot of media because of who your father is. I’m pretty sure you may have found it fun at first, but now you are growing up and probably finding it harder than ever to go out and do activities that

Europe/UK, Race

Why I’m More Likely to be Illiterate

Here is the truth, one in five people worldwide are illiterate. This means, they cannot read or write. Two-thirds of the illiterate population are women of an ethnic minority, the highest of these populations are Indian women, followed by African women. Illiteracy can be linked directly to the fact that the ethnic minorities in Western countries like the US or where I’m from, the UK, were forced to remain illiterate in order to keep them


Bangladesh Attack: Dhaka Cafe Standoff

Recently in Bangladesh, army militants have killed twenty people, the six militants were killed by police., there were reportedly up to 9 there. Police say that 13 of the hostages have been freed from the Holey Artisan Bakery in Dhaka, where one of the suspected gun men were captured. Police have said the attacks came the same day a Hindu Priest was hacked to death in his temple, this incident is the latest in a

Feminism, International, Politics

Guys, Makeup Is an Art Form

From lipstick to eyelashes, make up has really changed the way people look and choose to express themselves. As a boy, I really don’t know a lot about makeup, how it’s applied or how to make sure your eyeliner wing stays the same on each side, but what I do know is many people rely on makeup to express the way they look and feel. Makeup has truly changed the world. A recent trend that


Dear Harambe, It Wasn’t Your Fault

As some of you may know, in Cincinnati, a zoo gorilla was shot dead after a four year old boy climbed into his enclosure. The boy climbed into the barrier and then fell through the moat, where he was grabbed, and dragged around by the gorilla, until the zoo decided to take action and shoot the 400lbs (180kg) gorilla dead. When incidents like this happen, zoo directors have no other option but to shoot an

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