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Motown Residents Think Detroit Is A Sanctuary City — It’s Not

Days after Donald Trump’s election in November 2016, Detroit City Council Member Raquel Castañeda-López pushed for Detroit to become a sanctuary city for immigrants without documentation. Two months later, when President Trump issued an executive order threatening to withhold federal funding from communities harboring immigrants, Mayor Mike Duggan said that, in fact, Detroit is not a sanctuary city. The city’s famously fragile budget has some Democrats caving to financial pressure from the White House, yet echoing


What Has Fox News Taught Me? Avoid Conflicts of Interest.

“Hard to believe you would have gotten all those invitations if you didn’t pull a few punches,” says Meryl Streep in the Oscar-nominated film The Post, as former newspaper CEO Katharine Graham. She’s needling infamous Post Editor Bill Bradlee, portrayed by Tom Hanks, for his questionable relationship with JFK. Today, the Washington Post is “pledged to avoid conflict of interest wherever and whenever possible.” There is a reason why conflicts of interest are scrupulously examined,


City Council Votes to Remove Trump’s Star from Walk of Fame

The West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously on Monday to move forward with the process of removing Donald Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. According to the Los Angeles Times, the move is “largely symbolic,” as approval of the proposed resolution, which cites President Trump’s “disturbing treatment of woman” and “other actions,” essentially serves as a strong recommendation. The only body with actual jurisdiction over the decision is the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.


Starbucks to Open First American Signing Store in D.C.

Nearly two months after Starbucks closed its doors nationwide for a mandatory racial bias training, Fortune’s “third most admired company”announced the establishment of its first American signing store. Opening in early October, the signing store will be comprised of 20 to 25 employees fluent in American Sign Language and will be located at 6th and H Street in Washington, D.C., near Gaulladet University. Inspired by the success of Starbucks’ first signing store worldwide, which was


I Went To Trump’s Montana Rally. Now, I Realize Why He Won.

Depicted by the New York Times as the “least gay-friendly city in Montana,”with “59,000 mostly conservative citizens,” Great Falls is total Trump turf. It is also my hometown. When an official within the local political establishment informed me that the President of the United States would be flying on Air Force One into Great Falls International Airport, my mind was off to the races. Would he flip our only blue Senate seat red? Would this


Trump to Meet With Putin on July 7

At the latest G7 Summit, President Trump shocked the international community with an outlandish proposal to re-admit Russia into the group of close allies. Mere weeks later, the White House and the Kremlin released simultaneous statements where it was announced that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin would meet on July 16th, in Helsinki, Finland. National Security Advisor John Bolton traveled to Moscow before the announcement to hash out the final logistics. It has been reported


America’s Empathy Deficit Is Worsening

“I really don’t care, do u?” That was the message sprawled across First Lady Melania Trump’s jacket as she boarded her plane at Joint Base Andrews on Thursday, headed to a shelter for immigrant children in a Texas border town. As the controversy surrounding the undeniably high-profile former supermodel’s controversial choice of attire trends internationally, and her communications team claims ignorance, I find it increasingly hard to ignore a certain time-worn, yet sadly applicable, cliché:


An In-Depth Look at the 14th Amendment, Students, and the American Dream

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” -Thomas Jefferson America was founded upon an unprecedented notion of equality. Regrettably, the initial legal definition of such a progressively-rooted value proved, in time, to be discriminatory in both terminology and practice. Perhaps principal authors, like Thomas Jefferson, of the


Linguistic Imperialism: When English Trumps All

“This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish,” said then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, of opponent Jeb Bush, whose wife is from Mexico and whose children are Hispanic. “ should really set an example by speaking English while in the United States.” Never mind Melania’s fluency in five languages. The Trump campaign’s “America first” mindset is what ultimately won him the presidency, and is a byproduct of the reality that Americans have been subconsciously


Anita Hill Is a Living, Breathing Monument

According to the NAACP, “whites started lynching because they felt it was necessary to protect white women.” In the late nineteenth century, an allegation of rape routinely proved to be an indictment unequivocally punishable by way of a twisted form of vigilante justice. The newly opened National Memorial for Peace and Justice is the first museum in the U.S. dedicated solely to ensuring that the thousands of black lives lost to postbellum lynching matter today.

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