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World Oceans Day: Reducing Pollution to Preserve Marine Life

As global warming and climate change become major problems of our society, it is relevant to celebrate World Oceans Day on June 8. Acting as the lungs of our planet, the oceans give us the majority of the oxygen we breathe. The international day’s purpose is to make people aware of their impacts on the ocean—creating a universal movement centered on the preservation of various oceans. Having a sense of unity, the event enables individuals


Feminism, Move Forward: We Shouldn’t Only Celebrate Women Who Defy Gender Roles

Historically, women have been empowering themselves through the feminist movement by trouncing stereotypes and limitations and going against the grain: advocating for and obtaining voting rights; overcoming the “homemaker” façade; and, more recently, entering the STEM fields; encouraging a generation that doesn’t tie women to beauty standards; and performing as elite world athletes, to name just a few accomplishments of the movement and work of women. It is important to celebrate these accomplishments of feminism,

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The Power of a Compliment: Why We Should Strive To Build Up Others

In 2015, a video made by high school student Shea Glover showing how people reacted to being complimented went viral. It has amassed over 16 million views to date. In the video, Glover’s fellow students assume they’re posing for pictures for a school project. The video captures their reactions when Glover reveals her true intentions: “I’m taking pictures of things I find beautiful.” Now, over two years later, Glover has helmed a reprise of the


Everyone Wants What They Can’t Have: Beauty Around the World

Standards of beauty vary from country to country. The westernized Kardashian-esque standard of beauty is, surprisingly, not the norm in many parts of the world. The ‘slim-thick’ figure many strive to achieve with shapewear and cosmetic surgery is not a global standard, but the lengths taken to achieve this image are comparable to those taken by women and girls around the world. There is one trend, however, that is universal: everyone wants what they don’t


Jeffree Star and Manny MUA Show Off Their Transphobia in Recent Tweets

Warning, this article mentions transphobia, cissexism, misogyny, and racism. After cis gay makeup artists (or MUAs, by the social media community’s jargon) have grown more in numbers through social media, it is almost not uncanny that Manny Gutierrez (known through the internet at Manny MUA( and Jeffree Star displayed more ignorant behavior. This time, Gutierrez and Star dabbled in transphobia via social media. Gutierrez tweeted “Roses are red, violets are blue…the number of genders is

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Who Cares If You Draw On Your Freckles?

As of lately I have been seeing beauty bloggers and Instagram makeup artists draw on their freckles with eyeliner pencils or brow pencils. At first, I thought it was offensive and shouldn’t be considered a trend that people can just draw on at their own convenience, but then I realized: who cares? Freckles are sun-exposure spots that are usually genetic, so not everyone is able to have natural freckles. When I was in elementary and

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Lazy Girl’s Guide: Looking Better Than You Did The Night Before

We’ve all been there, waking up with no time to get ready for the day with big plans ahead. This is the perfect remedy for a lazy girl like myself to wake up feeling refreshed and looking even better. Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize. Skin naturally loses water and hydration during sleep, so it’s necessary that we take that extra step at night to not wake with dry, patchy skin. Lather up and lay down at night,


Hermione’s Influence Is Being Passed Onto Belle

Our generation has grown up watching Harry Potter on our screen and idolising Hermione as she shows us that girls can be just as magical and powerful as boys (throwback to the time punched she Draco). Soon Emma Watson will be debuting her new role as Belle in Disney’s remake of Beauty and the Beast, being released on 17th of March in the UK. After her time on the Harry Potter set, Emma Watson managed


Just Because You Don’t Have European Features Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Beautiful

It’s 2017. Sadly, much to our disappointment, times still haven’t improved for people of color. For starters, the preference for those who possess European features is still prevalent throughout our society. Though this flawed logic has been normalized and passed on from one generation to another, it is time to address the truth: we are all beautiful in our own special ways. It is unclear who decided that European features would be known as the epitome


What It’s Like Growing Up Without Middle Eastern Models

I recall turning to my mother as a young girl, asking “Why doesn’t my hair look like that?” There I was, surrounded by a sea of my female classmates with silky, straight hair, wondering why I had been cursed with a mop of untameable, dark curls. She turned to me and replied, “You’re not white, habibti.” It took my years to understand what she meant in that simple phrase. After all, how was I supposed

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