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Could Legalizing Marijuana Help Save Economies in Coal Country?

There’s no denying it: areas which rely heavily on coal are at an economic tipping point. Employment in the coal industry peaked in the 1920s and has been in steady decline ever since, with coal production plunging to the lowest level in 35 years during 2016. Coal markets are competing with alternative and renewable energy sources and modernization, and jobs have been suffering as a result. Between 1983 and 2014, coal employment fell by 59 percent, and


When They Go Right, We Go Left

As many of you may or may not know, there has been a movement for California to secede from the union for several years. After the events of November 8th, the movement gained increasing support from Californians and residents of surrounding west coast states such as Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and even Hawaii. The campaign to put CalExit on the ballot in 2019 has been gaining momentum and there have been several petitions going around in


Proposition 60 Could Destroy California’s Porn Industry

California is home to one of the largest adult film industries in the United States. Most of the production taking place in the San Fernando Valley which has been dubbed “Porn Valley”. Being one of the only three states in which the pornography industry is protected by law (the others being New Hampshire and certain parts of Nevada) makes California extremely important in the porn industry. As many of you may know a measure that


California Judge Fights for Sexual Assault Survivor Advocacy in Rapist’s Lawsuit

For four unceasing years, twenty-four-year old, Sacramento, California, resident Yee Xiong has been brutalized and demeaned by her sexual assault and the grueling legal aftermath.  From the sadistic violence at the University of California on July 10, 2012, itself, to the invasive evidentiary procedure of a rape kit, two independent legal trials resulting in hung juries, and a concluding plea deal of a year-long sentence to prison, five years of probation, sex offender registry, and

Real Life

The Push to Attend A UC Fill in the Blank

  Ah yes, the leaves are falling, the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in the hands of many and the sweaters are out of storage. Tis’ the season, for the long awaited college applications process.  Every high school senior has been dreading this painstakingly stressful time, and some by bad judgement, are leaving it for the last minute. We can’t really prepare for it, we can only do what we know. And that is panic. So


Dear California: Thank You for Thinking of the Children

source: lgbtqnation.com Lately, it seems like any news is bad news. It’s as though we’ve been taking huge leaps backwards with no regard for the progress that we’re erasing. Thankfully, California seems to have decided to be our ray of sunshine during this nasty storm. Last Thursday, the California State Board of Education unanimously voted on a History and Social Science Framework that includes a “study of the roles of contribution” of minority groups including

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