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Being Black Is Not A Singular Experience

I’ve been in predominantly black spaces all my life. I go to a predominantly black school in a predominantly black neighborhood and come home to my all-black family. One might think this lack of “diversity” in my life deprives me of exposure to different perspectives. But this assumption fails to accurately capture my experience with blackness — namely, that every black person with whom I interact has had their own unique experiences, the influence of


A Look Inside Living in Santiago, Cuba as a Member of the LGBT+ Community

When we think about Cuba, we envision an insidious political regime exerting dominance over its people. We often speak about its valuable export of rum, tobacco and root beer, but we never vocalize about the people that have transformed the Caribbean island. We never give credit to the LGBT+ community who have brawled for a progressive future in their country. Located in the far east, Santiago is the heart of the LGBT+ community. Before I


Carnival Does Not Discriminate Against Those Who Like To Celebrate

Carnival (or Carnaval if you’re a Portuguese speaker), is known for its vivid colors, celebratory nudity, loud music, and extravagant costumes. These are activities that the average person doesn’t tend to associate with religion. However, carnival originated as a catholic tradition; it was a food festival where people would gather and eat as much as they could before fasting for lent. Carnival, in fact, is latin for ‘carne vale,’ which means, ‘farewell to the meat.’


An Open Letter to My Country Jamaica

Dear Jamaica, Just a forewarning: this letter may sound like I’m bashing Jamaica, but I want to assure you that this is the last thing on my mind. No matter how Jamaica and its inhabitants/peoples think about me, I love my culture, I love my people and I love my blackness. However, this love does not extend to the massive industry of murda music Jamaica produces against my sexuality, or the hypermasculinity Jamaican men extend

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