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How the #Blindian Project is Reducing Stigma Around Black-Indian Couples

We often talk about the racism against black people in Western countries (note: Black Lives Matter) such as the U.S. and Europe. But what about the racial discrimination that is rampant in the East, in countries like India? Indian society, a society pockmarked with flaws that I have often become too familiar with, has a problem accepting even its own darker citizens. You can read about the colorism against darker South Indians and the uncomfortable


Everyone Wants What They Can’t Have: Beauty Around the World

Standards of beauty vary from country to country. The westernized Kardashian-esque standard of beauty is, surprisingly, not the norm in many parts of the world. The ‘slim-thick’ figure many strive to achieve with shapewear and cosmetic surgery is not a global standard, but the lengths taken to achieve this image are comparable to those taken by women and girls around the world. There is one trend, however, that is universal: everyone wants what they don’t


Colorism in Media and How It Affects Black Women

In Western society, lightness is seen as soft, gentle, and pure, but darkness is associated with evil, violence and fear. This toxic mindset has been put in place in Western media, such as film, and music. As someone who is darker skinned living in a Western country, I have only seen black people with small noses, light skin and smaller facial features portrayed in media. With the lack of darker skinned people in media, this


Learning to Love My Dark Skin

I am seventeen years old and I only started learning to love my dark skin two years ago. Growing up, I was always the darkest one amongst my friends and family. I remember my mom telling me that when I was born, that the doctor, my aunts, and uncles told her I was the “darkest baby” they had ever seen. They never said these things in a negative way but as a young child, I didn’t


Problems in the South Asian Community We Need To Address

South Asia consists of countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, and many more. There’s a myriad of different cultures and traditions across this region, but, we often see the same social issues throughout each country. A lot of these problems are going ignored, and it’s time we stop and think about the toxicity in our own cultures. Cultural appropriation  is brought up a lot by young South Asians who find it disrespectful. Although cultural


3 Lyrics From Kendrick Lamar’s “Complexion” That Perfectly Describe Colorism

Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp A Butterfly was released  last year and with it, came an abundance of black pride, self love, and reawakenings. The album brushed on many topics that affect the black community, ranging from institutionalized racism to consumerism in our capitalistic society. It became an anthem for black america, as this year brought a lot of grief surrounding police brutality and other social injustices. Its genuine and dynamic lyrics partnered with its unconventional


Why Being Dark-Skinned is Still a Burden in Indian Culture

My mother thinks she’s the ugliest amongst her three sisters. Because they are the smooth colour of peeled almonds; my mother’s shade is that of the almond’s skin. Nutty. Brown. Dark. You’d think it was a curse word – dark. A symbol of crudeness that brings shame in the mirror. It’s the mock-soft expression of an Indian auntie gazing at you on the bus. “Poor girl, look at her complexion. Who will marry her?” It’s the rows


Kanye West Only Wants Multiracial Models & Rejects White People From Casting

Kanye West is no stranger to dragging himself into a whirl of controversy, and his name is almost synonymous with the word ‘problematic’. In today’s episode of Oh God, What Did Kanye Do Now, we are discussing his recent tweet that includes a picture that depicts what he is looking for in the casting of Yeezy Season 4. He asks for the models to wear no makeup, and that the only people he is looking for


Is Representation Really That Important? (Yes, it is)

In the sixth grade, when asked to share what our favorite book was in order to give the rest of the class reading suggestions, I proudly announced to the whole class the title: “Does My Head Look Big In This?“ by Randa Abdel-Fattah. In response, my school librarian simply stood there and uncomfortably shifted her glance towards my teacher. The silence dragged on for what felt like decades. After sharing a knowing look, the librarian turned back to the


Too Light To Fit In, Too Dark To Be Accepted

I’m fully Hispanic, Mexican actually, but people still don’t see me as a Latina because of my very pale skin. Sorry I don’t meet your “Hispanic girl standards?” I’ve noticed that many people sort of determine your ethnicity because of your skin color and it’s insulting, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you don’t belong to your race because of how you look. I’ve witnessed this multiple times at school; people talk about a certain

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