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Religion Seen Through a Feminist’s Eyes

Judaism is a strange religion in my view. The majority of our beliefs are fairly Liberal, but the more Orthodox people within our religion seem to believe otherwise. You would think that since the majority of our religion’s beliefs are liberal, that the more observant Jews would be the most Liberal of them all, but the truth is, they’re not. They strictly follow what used to be, and not what now is. I have always


#MeToo Sparks Up Overdue Conversation On Sexual Assault

Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted. This rising statistic doesn’t come close to accounting for the countries in which sexual assault is even more common, and little is done about it. This statistic doesn’t account for place after place in this world where sexual assault is still an issue that isn’t talked about. This statistic doesn’t shed light on the many cases that aren’t reported, aren’t talked about, and are kept hidden out

Dom Chatterjee sitting in a well-lit room on a black sofa with light streaming in through the windows and large green plant on the windowsill

How Mixed-Race Activist Dom Chatterjee Turned Isolation Into Community Online

Last month I published an article investigating my upbringing as a mixed race Asian. In this article, I talked about the alienation, confusion, and the question “What color am I?” I talked about feeling ugly, feeling different, and feeling alone. But it turns out I am not alone. Stumbling randomly into the comments sections of posts, I came across Dom Chatterjee. They talked openly and confidently about their Bangladeshi heritage, and we became friends. They


Why It’s Important For the Latinx and Black Community To Come Together

The United States is a country structured in racism and its effects are evident every single day. It is a structure that upholds white supremacy and creates a racial hierarchy designed by white people. It is very clear that  Black people are the most marginalized and the most oppressed globally. Trump encouraged police to increase police brutality, an already huge issue within the Black community. Another population that is heavily targeted through racism is the

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