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Starbucks to Open First American Signing Store in D.C.

Nearly two months after Starbucks closed its doors nationwide for a mandatory racial bias training, Fortune’s “third most admired company”announced the establishment of its first American signing store. Opening in early October, the signing store will be comprised of 20 to 25 employees fluent in American Sign Language and will be located at 6th and H Street in Washington, D.C., near Gaulladet University. Inspired by the success of Starbucks’ first signing store worldwide, which was


Here’s Why It’s Important to Use Alternatives to Ableist Slurs

Image: Wired Content warning: uncensored ableist slurs, asylums There are multiple different ways that I experience ableism as a disabled person. Not only do I have Tourette syndrome, but I also have mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. The more that I have learned about ableism and disabled issues, the more I realize just how normalized it is. From using disabilities as metaphors to making our language and the spaces that we use inaccessible

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The Impact of Broadway in the 21st Century

I’ve been a theater nerd for as long as I can remember, I live for Tony performances and my favorite part of going to Disney World as a child was watching ‘The Festival of the Lion King’, often awestruck to the point of speechlessness. But no Broadway shows have impacted me, and the country, as much as the ones that have been brought to life over the past two years. The ‘Great White Way’ is

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