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Real Life

Are Brands Using Our Outrage to Market Their Products?

Over the past few week s social media has gone through several different battles with well-known brands such as H&M for their advertising displayed on their U.K. fashion site displaying a young black child in a sweatshirt that stated: Coolest monkey in the jungle. Unless you were born two minutes ago, everyone is aware that monkey is a racial slur used against black people to say they are not human and are just slightly advanced

Real Life

So What If the NCAA Starts Paying Athletes?

On Monday night, college football fans everywhere watched the College Football Playoff National Championship game between Alabama and Georgia took off at 8:15 eastern standard time, to await the winner of the SEC. Taking place in the Mercedes Benz Stadium, the city of Atlanta could see an estimated profit of $100 million from this single game. Though this is good for the city of Atlanta, the athletes playing this game who have a less than

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