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A Look At American Feminism in the Last 100 Years

It’s almost the end of Women’s History Month, and we indeed deserve a month celebrating the work women from ages ago that have paved the way for us, and the generations to come. From simply wearing bloomers to the #MeToo movement, the feminism comes in many forms. There are many events that have revolutionized women in society, but these events are some that define what feminism is for. June 4, 1919: Congress passes the 19th


A Note To Trump: Trans People #WontBeErased

Trans Lifeline:  877-565-8860 I GLBT National Help Center: 1-888-843-4564 In their latest attempt not to discriminate against women under Title IX, the Trump administration has decided to institute a legal and fixed definition of gender, which in turn discriminates against transgender people. (Nailed it.) For those who don’t know what Title IX is, it’s a law under the Education Amendments Act of 1972 that basically says no federally-funded institution can deny someone from participating in


ConnectHear: A Hope For The Deaf Community

ConnectHear is the vision of three young leaders and activists from Pakistan. They use the very thing that “intimidates” most people as a way to empower the hearing-impaired individuals and as a purpose to bridge the communication gap between the deaf community and the society and bring them together as one. Their soon-to-be-released tech gives the idea of using sign language interpretation services to spread awareness and bring forth initiatives that allow hearing-impaired individuals to


An Interview With Rachel Dodson: The Founder Of A Jewelry Company Dedicated To Helping At-Risk Cambodian Women

One look at Penh Lenh jewelry and you know it’s something special. But for some, it’s more than a collection of colorful, vibrant jewelry, it’s a life-saver. Penh Lenh is a jewelry brand dedicated to funding opportunities in education and the work field for at-risk Cambodian women. 100% of all sales are returned immediately to the organization and help improve the lives of the artisans women who create the pieces. Affinity sat down with the


My Male Friends Only Want To Talk Feminism When It’s About Hitting A Woman Back

Why is it that my male friends only care about feminism and equality when it’s about hitting a woman? It’s always ‘Well if you want equality men should be able to hit women’, first of all, I said I wanted equality, not violence. Feminism; the social, political and economic equality of the sexes, to men is nothing more than women growing out their armpit hair and burning their bras. These are statements as part of


Why Black Homosexuality is Not a Negative Attribute

No matter how much pseudo-intellectuals may try to urge it, debates based on controversial topics have never been tranquil. People, especially when arguing a point that they believe so deeply in, are not prone to be phlegmatic. Religion and politics are never encouraged to be discussed in the workplace, simply because beliefs like those are fairly unshakable, and a disagreement between two passionate people could lead to a colossal rift. Unlike the workplace, social media


The Transgender Military Ban Has Been Delayed

In June 2016, Obama allowed transgender people already in the military to serve openly, and openly transgender people to apply. A one-year deadline was set for the military to begin accepting trans troops; this was then extended to begin on Jan. 1, 2018. On July 26th, 2017, Trump tweeted in two parts, “….Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot


The Perpetual Cycle of Toxic Masculinity Among Arab Men

From a young age, in many Arab families, boys are taught that they have a certain dominance over women, while simultaneously being socialised into the mindset that they must be tough and manly or they aren’t “proper men”. In addition to this socialisation, the conjugal roles are extremely segregated between the sexes, considering; while girls have the cleaning and domestic roles instilled into them, boys have heavy work and the breadwinner roles instilled instead. So,


Why Everyone Should Probably (Definitely) Stop Using the Word “Basic”

The word “basic”, in slang usage at least, means to be like other girls. To be like other girls in a negative way. And not bad in a sense which these girls are judgmental or problematic or doing anything morally wrong… but bad in the sense that they are too similar to other girls. When a girl does something as simple as drink Starbucks she’s called “basic”. Now, basic isn’t an offensive word, but it

Real Life

How to Acknowledge Your Privilege and Use It for Good

You might not realize this, but some people out there are really born with privileges. So what is a privilege? The Oxford Dictionary defined ‘privilege’ as A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group. So how can people earn this privilege? In so many ways. It could be from your race, wealth, education, gender, sexual orientation etc. Privileges are affecting our everyday social life because, with privileges,

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