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The Politics of High School Halloweens

If your high school is anything like mine, Halloween is a really big deal. Preparation starts the first day of the month and doesn’t stop until the morning of when we shrug on our costumes and go off to school. For most people, the hardest part (besides picking the costume, of course) is figuring out who you’re going with. For me, this part was probably one of the easiest parts. I’ve had the same three best

Real Life

I’m a Wiccan. Here’s What it Means.

When I decided I would become a Wiccan, or what other people call a witch, I was afraid to tell. When most people hear “witchcraft”, they hear “satanic”, or picture one of the various Halloween stereotypes out there. This is all due to misinformation that’s been perpetuated for centuries. Here’s what all Wiccans really want you to know: We’re not going to hex you. The guiding principle of witches is the power of three rule, which


No, Hilary Duff, Cultural Appropriation is Not What Dreams Are Made Of

Cultural appropriation is becoming more and more common, and whose to blame I hear you ask? Well actually there isn’t a specific place to point the blame, as it’s the unawareness of what cultural appropriating is that leads to it. Many people confronted on their costumes are quick to apologise and justify themselves by admitting they had ‘no idea’ their costume was so offensive. The most recent case of this, Hilary Duff.  Her boyfriend was


10 Feminist Halloween Costume Ideas

Who doesn’t want to become their favorite celebrity or character for one night? Here are ten easy Halloween costume ideas that feminists in particular could appreciate. #1 – Rosie the Riveter The most classic costume on this list, Rosie the Riveter represented women in America who worked in shipyards and factories during World War II. All you need is a denim shirt and a bandana, with “We Can Do It” as your Instagram caption. #2

Real Life

Some Halloween Reminders!

Halloween is upon us, and everyone deserves to have a wonderful (and spooky) time out there. Here are some reminders going forward for the night: 1.) Everyone is different. The child who doesn’t say “trick or treat” might be non-verbal, the child who doesn’t take any candy might have a life-threatening food allergy, and the child who isn’t dressed up might have sensory processing problems. Be understanding so that everyone can have fun. 2.) Scares


Halloween Around The World

  Halloween, also known as Hallows Eve (All Saints Day), is a festive holiday that occurs every year on October 31st and celebrates the spooky, the ghouly, and the gory. For those who live in the U.S., Halloween, or better known as ‘Halloweekend’, is a time to get together with friends and watch scary movies, inhaling pounds of candy, and of course, trick or treating. Unbeknownst to many, Halloween takes on a whole other meaning


Halloween is Not an Excuse To Be A Horrible Person

It’s practically October and you know what that means- Halloween and two more months until Christmas. With Halloween, comes the age old tradition of trick or treating and dress-up parties no matter how old you get. Some perceive October 31st as a day to be and look yourself and the person you want to be or maybe  look like someone you look up to or simply dress up for the laughs, but what most don’t

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