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Workshop on Women’s Studies Discusses Feminism, Hijab and Objectification of Women

Exploring themes as important in today’s world as feminism, the neo-liberal and radical kinds of it, capitalism and how it exploits women’s labor, a nine-day workshop was held in Qom, Iran at the University of Religions and Denominations. This program was organized by the international department of URD by the joint efforts of the Director General of the International Relations and Cooperation, Dr. Mahdi Salehi and the Director of International Short Courses, Dr. Zahra Sharif.

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Hijab And Choice: Confessions Of A Non-Hijabi

I am Muslim, and am by no means a perfect one. Regardless of the connotations associated with this, Islam has been an integral component in my upbringing and the person I am today is a result of the Muslim values my family has instilled in me throughout my life and the adversity I have faced due to my religious identity. I am grateful that I have a relationship with my religion that I find comfort


5 Hijabi Youtubers You Should Subscribe to Immediately

Everybody knows about youtube and all the various creators that it offers. However, I feel like there is not much representation of hijabi YouTubers on youtube so here’s a list of 5 awesome hijabi YouTubers who you should check out. 1) Tazzy Phe Tasneem is a YouTuber who likes to spend her time making comedy sketches, specifically focusing on the many issues that she faces as a Muslim woman living in America. Her videos are


The European Union Court Just Ruled That Banning Hijabs at Work is Legal

European Union’s Luxembourg-based  top law court just today announced that the wearing of Muslim headscarf can be prohibited by private employers in Europe, so long as it has “An internal rule of an undertaking which prohibits the visible wearing of any political, philosophical or religious sign which does not constitute direct discrimination.” This ruling has been put in place for companies that want to present a “neutral” image of their workers, but threatens the employment of


Don’t Ask Women Wearing Hijab If They Are Forced to Wear It

Unless there are explicit indications and concern that a Muslim woman has been forced to wear a hijab, there is absolutely no reason to ask someone if they have been. It honestly is that simple. Coming from a Muslim girl, nothing is more unnerving than being so nonchalantly asked if my parents made me wear a hijab against my will. Truth is, contrary to popular belief; no, they did not. I’ve always admired how beautiful

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An Open Letter To My Fifth Grade Bully

Warning: This letter addresses the theme of bullying. This is not meant to in any way romanticize or show that bullying is okay, but rather a reminder to stay strong, as one day, you will be okay.  Dear ‘Bully’, Thank you. Thank you for teaching me that pretending to be better than someone, doesn’t actually make you better. I spent so much time feeling I was inferior to you due to my weight, the pigment


#Rio2016: Clothes Don’t Define Athleticism

When speaking about beach volleyball, we tend to think of sun, sand, and inevitably, beachwear. Beach sports usually involve more revealing uniforms than most, which is why many were shocked to see athlete Doaa El-Ghobashy donning long sleeves, long tights, and a hijab while representing Egypt in the Olympics for beach volleyball this year. This shattering of stereotypes is nothing but empowering, however many around the world seem to think otherwise. This tweet by @charliekirk11

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