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Cyberstalking — I’m NOT Required To Be Your Friend

This a personal account in which the names have been altered. Lisa is a young teenage girl. Not a grown man seeking a relationship. Not a catfish. Lisa is a cyberstalker.  “Hi, my name is Lisa and I really love your page. I would really love to be your friend,” the Instagram direct message read. Joy thought this message was harmless, after all she has been on social media since 2009 and she has made some

Real Life

Point and Shoot: An Open Letter to Myself

You come from a gifted generation. Each day, you unwrap a stream of new presents, with all the urgency of a morning coffee fix. Your thumbs are always slightly bent from the effort, but your ego is well-massaged by 8 a.m. These daily gifts arrive in frantic bundles, ballooning from the corner of your cell phone screen. They are tiny and pink, bearing a heart with a number – a measurement of their ability to

Real Life

Finding and Maintaining an Internet Friendship

An internet friend is something I’m sure most everybody who actively uses the internet is familiar with. Whether you have one, two or ten, you know how difficult it can become to maintain the same connection over time. If you do not yet have one, you understand how complicated it can be to find that one person you can genuinely connect with. I met my internet friend online in early 2014, which seems like ages


ISIS: The Social Terrorist Organization

  Youth is a strange time period for most people. Adolescents are in a constant battle to fit in while still trying to find themselves in the process. During these years, we are so desperate to find our purpose that we become easily susceptible to outside influences. Unfortunately, these influences can often be negative and mislead young people who are just trying to find their way. This is how ISIS recruits. The dominance of social

Real Life

Five Reasons Why Internet Friendship Is The Best

Internet friendship is a fairly new phenomenon, with the rise of smartphones and technology within the past few years. From the outside, it looks like nothing more than antisocial teenagers looking for a distraction from a life of monotony, but only the people on the inside know that true connections and bonds are being made. These are five reasons why internet friendship is just as important as traditional friendship. Personality First: We live in an

Real Life

When You’re a Victim of Online Trolls

Take a deep breath. I know that this probably isn’t what you want to hear right now, but not very many other people understand that there’s a real person behind that Twitter handle, tumblr page or YouTube account. All they see is a profile picture and a few short lines describing who you are. In their mind, that’s all you are, but you are so much more. You’re a human being and they have no

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