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A Look At Italy’s New Minister For Family

Italy, after months of crisis and changes of mind, finally managed to create a new government on June 1, when the new Prime Minister, together with the different Ministers making up the governing body, swore loyalty to the Constitution and the Republic. While there have been several elements about these elections that destabilized Italians, seeing the list of Ministers was perhaps the most shocking one. Lorenzo Fontana is the new Minister for Family and Disability. This man,


The Mediterranean is a Vast, Silent Cemetery

March 2018 recorded the lowest number of refugees reaching the Italian coasts after crossing the Mediterranean Sea, due to accords which the nation initiated with Libya last year. And, while Italy takes a weight off its shoulders, an even heavier burden is put on the refugees, which are left in atrocious conditions and can see European solidarity as nothing but a distant memory. From 2011, irregular migratory fluxes became constant in Italy, with most boats docking in its

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Alt-Right Terror Is Now Crowdfunded

A terrifying movement has begun to gain a following in Europe; a right-wing anti-Islam group Generation Identity have been making headlines after their controversial, crowdfunded plans to “Defend Europe.” Generation Identity are part of a larger movement named the “Identitarian Movement,” whose motives serve to reduce immigration, “Islamisation” and “Defend ‘native’ Europeans from becoming a minority“. Having established a group of aggressive whites on land, with fiery demonstrations in Berlin, Paris and Vienna, the group decided that their next


Italy Introduces a Paid Period Leave for Women

If there is one thing most women can relate to, it’s the struggles of period symptoms. And if there is another thing they can relate to, it’s men dismissing period pain. Having your period pains be shrugged off can be frustrating and especially when it is by men. Recently, Italy became the first European country to allow a paid period leave for women. The leave will be available to women who have dysmenorrhea, which is a condition

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What Being Multilingual has Taught Me

I have been able to speak multiple languages my entire life. There isn’t really a period of time when I didn’t. As a multicultural human, I was immediately taught my mother’s language: Amharic and my father’s language: Italian. Later on, after moving to Germany and starting an American military school, I learned English. Now, I am sixteen and have taken 6 years of French. In all that time I have never been unhappy with my


The Italian Government Just Made Some Big Changes

New information has appeared over the past few weeks involving Italy and their now former prime minister, Matteo Renzi. This event has led to questions involving Italy’s government and also has caused many Europeans to wonder whether Italy will remain in the European Union or exit like Britain voted to do this past June. Matteo Renzi resigned at the beginning of December when he lost the vote for a referendum to make constitutional changes. The


#PrayForItaly: Italy Hit By Strongest Earthquake Since 1980

On October 30th, 2016, central Italy was hit by a powerful earthquake with a startling magnitude of 6.6 (some reports say 6.5), making it the strongest earthquake to hit Italy in 36 years. Closest t0 the epicentre was the ancient city Norcia, but the earthquake could be felt as far away as Bolzano, in northern Italy, and Rome and Puglia, in the south, according to Italian news reports. Norcia was also heavily impacted by the deadly earthquake in August

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