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Religion Seen Through a Feminist’s Eyes

Judaism is a strange religion in my view. The majority of our beliefs are fairly Liberal, but the more Orthodox people within our religion seem to believe otherwise. You would think that since the majority of our religion’s beliefs are liberal, that the more observant Jews would be the most Liberal of them all, but the truth is, they’re not. They strictly follow what used to be, and not what now is. I have always


Donald Trump’s Muslim Registry Threatens Religious Freedom

During the presidential campaign, national security was one of the largest talking points. The now President-Elect’s strategy was to scapegoat people of color: Mexicans, Muslims, and Syrian refugees. But what kinds of policies did he have in mind? A reporter in Nov. 2015 asked Trump how he planned on getting Muslims to register in a database and he responded, “It would be just good management.” Trump denied that he suggested the database in a tweet


How do I, as a Jew, fit into Trump’s America?

I was shocked. A feeling of extreme disgust and sadness swept over me. I was on a trip with other Jewish teens over Europe and Israel. This day, we were visiting Auschwitz and Birkenau, two of the most infamous concentration camps from the Holocaust. As I saw the atrocities that had happened there, I vowed to myself, “Never again.” Now, months after my trip, was the 2016 Presidential Election, where one of the possible candidates

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