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State Department Announces Cut in Aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador

The White House reported this Saturday that the United States will be cutting aid to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, an end to the months-long fight the Trump administration has been waging against the Obama-era policy. A spokesperson for the State Department said that “at the Secretary’s instruction, we are carrying out the President’s direction and ending FY 2017 and FY 2018 assistance programs for the Northern Triangle.” The program in question is the U.S.


Venezuelan Socialism: A Humanitarian Crisis

Socialism. The Democratic, left-wing, millennial dream. As defined by Britannica, the “social and economic doctrine that calls for public rather than private ownership or control of property and natural resources.” For Karl Marx, socialism was the segue into what he believed to be the ultimate stage of Utopian society: communism. Around the world, there are many forms of socialism in practice. Most countries don’t operate under socialism alone, but rather incorporate parts of it into


The World’s Largest Child Sacrifice Site May Have Been Discovered

Bones dug under the sand; this is what is left of hundreds of children and llamas that have been laying in Peru’s northern coast, forgotten for around 550 years. The remains of more than 140 children and 200 llamas were found on a cliff in the north-west coast of Trujillo, the third largest city in Peru; the site, Huanchaquito-Las Llamas, had already become known in 2011 for similar discoveries. Since then, excavations have uncovered this massive number of victims, which were, accordingly, all


Race, Racism and Institutional Racism: Their Definitions and Impact on the Latinx Community

We’ve been exposed to the traditional definition of the word “race” ever since we were in preschool. Race, in simplest terms, is the physical differences that set apart a group from another group. The concept of race has various interpretations. For myself, I consider “Race” as the physical characteristics (mostly skin color) that makes group A different from group B. Race begins to blur when opposite groups start to intertwine and create combined features. This


This Is How You Can Help Cuba After Hurricane Irma’s Destruction

Cuban government officials confirmed Irma’s death toll of 10 causalities on Monday. Seven lives were lost in Havana while the last remaining three lives were lost in Matanza, Camaguey and in the regions of Ciego de Avila. With frenetic winds of around 157-mph, Hurricane Irma became Cuba’s second Category 5 storm since 1932. Demolishing the Caribbean island for three consecutive days, Irma’s eye submerged streets of Havana, causing citizens to trudge down chest high waters


A Look Inside Living in Santiago, Cuba as a Member of the LGBT+ Community

When we think about Cuba, we envision an insidious political regime exerting dominance over its people. We often speak about its valuable export of rum, tobacco and root beer, but we never vocalize about the people that have transformed the Caribbean island. We never give credit to the LGBT+ community who have brawled for a progressive future in their country. Located in the far east, Santiago is the heart of the LGBT+ community. Before I


Endangered Species You May Not Recognize

Pop culture and modern media has done wonders for raising awareness of dwindling animal populations and other environmental crises. The Burt’s Bees #BringBackTheBees campaign brought over one billion wildflowers to 1,250 acres of land across 17 North Carolina farms. The Giant Panda’s change of status from endangered to vulnerable has been linked to the popularity of the hit Desiigner song (though the credit really belongs to the dedicated work of countless panda reserves in China). But


Latin America And Its Beauty Industry

Women through Latin America aspire to be the “perfect woman” even when this ideal is unattainable, though Latinas are different depending on the region North America/Central America or South America, they share a standard that comes with curvaceous bodies and dark hair, where at times the lighter the skin the better. Latina women, especially in South America, might not want the “Barbie doll” body, but they have their own restricted body standards, including a slim


Hurricane Otto: First Reported Hurricane to Hit Costa Rica Directly

Costa Rica, a small country in Central America that is known for its tropical beauty, was struck by Hurricane Otto on Tuesday, November 22. Prior to Hurricane Otto, Costa Rica had never been hit by a hurricane directly, according to records that go back to 1851. However, even though hurricanes aren’t a common thing in Costa Rica, its people were quick to gather to help their brothers and sisters in need with several actions of kindness


Enough Is Enough: Latin America Has The Highest Numbers Of Femicides In The World.

  Of the 25 nations with the highest rates of violence against women, 14 are located in Latin America. At the beginning of 2016, Latin America ranked as the region with the highest female murder rates worldwide, with El Salvador as number one with a rate of 8.9 homicides per 100,000 women. Colombia and Brazil follow closely with rates of 6.3 and 4.8, respectively. The cause of these unnecessarily high rates is not unknown; however, this phenomenon can be

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