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Coming to Terms With Asexuality in a Hypersexual Environment

Sexuality is one of the most fascinating and complex things about human beings in my opinion. Not a single one of us goes through the exact same struggles or experiences when coming to terms with our sexuality. Someone could be wondering for decades what label to put on that aspect of themselves only to find out once they’re middle aged and married, opening up the world to them and making things just that much clearer.


Dear California: Thank You for Thinking of the Children

source: lgbtqnation.com Lately, it seems like any news is bad news. It’s as though we’ve been taking huge leaps backwards with no regard for the progress that we’re erasing. Thankfully, California seems to have decided to be our ray of sunshine during this nasty storm. Last Thursday, the California State Board of Education unanimously voted on a History and Social Science Framework that includes a “study of the roles of contribution” of minority groups including

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