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Feticide And The Problem With Laws Protecting Fetal Personhood

Originally implemented to protect pregnant women, feticide laws become tricky when they are used as a way to criminalize these same women. By definition, fetal homicide is the act of killing an intrauterine fetus accidentally or purposefully, outside of the context of a legal abortion in accordance with state laws. Under feticide regulations, anyone who is thought to cause a fetus’ unnatural death within the womb, even if inadvertently, can be charged with murder. Since

Mental Health

5 Assumptions People Make About Depressed People

Have you ever heard about a friend or an acquaintance at school that was supposedly depressed? In our society today, it’s not uncommon to hear of these things, even at young of an age as middle school. When these types of rumors spread, it’s usual for people to have their own opinions and thoughts on the matter. But sometimes, those thoughts are just guess-work and are assumptions to things they don’t know about. These are

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Is Social Media Forcing Teens Into Unhealthy Relationships?

The ever-present red heart emoji can be found in Instagram bios of teens and even children around the world, often accompanied by a “mention” of their significant other’s relationship. This is simply another way of expressing one’s caring for another person, just like a card, t-shirt or tattoo. It might, however, be one calling card of an interesting effect social media can have on teens around the world. According to Pew Research Center, 44% of


Work Smart, Not Hard: Why We Need to Stop Glamorizing Lives Centered Around Studying

When I celebrated the completion of my homework on a regular Friday night, I savored the pleasure it brought me to finally whip out my phone and go to YouTube. As I scrolled and tapped my way through various sections on the app (trending, new music, watch later to name a few) I came across the most peculiar video within my recommended. The video, titled, Study with Me || 14 Hour Study Day, immediately rose

Mental Health

How To Tell If Your Loved One Is Suffering From Depression

Depression is a very scary thing and not just for the people who are personally suffering, the people around them find the illness terrifying as well. When you don’t know if someone you care about is slowly losing their grip on life and hope, it’s important to keep a wide eye on them and let them know that they will be okay. If you have a feeling your loved one is suffering from depression, here

Mental Health

The 7 Most Unusual Phobias

Are you deeply afraid of spiders, heights, clowns, tight spaces, elevators, or snakes? If so, don’t be alarmed; these types of phobias (arachnophobia, acrophobia, coulrophobia, claustrophobia, elevatophobia, and ophidiophobia, respectively), along with many others, are fairly common. Phobias are excessive and persistent fears that tend to fall into one of three general categories: social phobias, agoraphobias (fears of situations or places in which one could become trapped, embarrassed, or helpless), or specific phobias. Approximately 18%

Mental Health

We Need Control in Our Lives, and Here’s Why

Control refers to the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of event. Part of our fundamental human nature is the need to control our individual circumstances. Generally speaking, there are two different ways in which we can view the extent of personal control over our lives: internally and externally. People with an internal locus of control believe that they are in control of their own actions and decisions. They tend to

Mental Health

Here’s How Renderforest Is Helping Me Raise Awareness About Mental Health

There would hardly be anyone with a slight interest in psychology who wouldn’t have internally cringed at people misusing the names of mental illnesses to describe things that were anything but mental illnesses. In case you need an example, the other day I was scrolling through my Instagram and came across the Instagram stories of this slightly famous blogger, where she said that the disarray in her feed was giving her an OCD. Having experienced

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Teens Are Chronically Stressed and Sleep Deprived

Wake up at 6 AM. Drive to school. Spend 8 hours in tough classes. Go to after school activities for 3 hours. Come home. Shower, eat, spend time with your family. Do homework and study. Get some sleep. Repeat. The daily routine of the conventional high school student consists of a jam-packed schedule that can be highly stressful and take up time that should be spent sleeping. According to The Journal of Adolescent Health, a

Real Life

The Hidden Disorder: Here’s 6 Tips For Dealing With Insomnia

Not being able to sleep can be a pretty common problem until it starts to seep into your daily life. Insomnia is a real life sleep disorder, and I’ve had firsthand accounts on what it can do to you and your health. Symptoms include difficulty sleeping, waking up in the night and feeling tired upon waking. To some, it may seem like an elementary problem– “just close your eyes and sleep.” But to the sleepless,

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