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Utah’s National Parks May Be Destroyed by None Other Than Trump

President Donald Trump is planning to drastically scale two national monuments in Utah. According to the Washington Post, Bears Ears national park, which is currently 1.35 million acres, could be shrunk by 85 percent, and the 1.9 million acres of Grand Staircase-Escalante national park will also be reduced by 85 percent. Trump will be announcing the proposal when he visits Salt Lake City today (Monday, December 4, 2017). This announcement arrives after Trump requested that


Why Our National Monuments are in Danger and How to Protect Them

On Wednesday, Donald Trump signed an executive order placing some national monuments under review. The executive order gives Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, the power to review over 100,000 acres of national monuments established after 1996. Trump reasons that, while the national parks are generating about $32 billion in revenue and supporting about 300,000 jobs across the nation, their lack of contribution to the race to exhaust more natural resources renders them useless. Teddy

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