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Global Flooding Is Inevitable. How Can We Help?

You may be feeling very comfortable in your current position. You have aspirations: a career dream, family ideals, relationship goals. In terms of your children, I’m sure you’d want them to have the same opportunities as you. What if I was to tell you that climate change could impact the way your children and their children live their lives? One of the main contenders that isn’t talked about enough is global flooding. We have a


What Has Caused the Most Recent Earthquakes? The Science Behind Faults Explained

On Sept. 19, 2017, the U.S. Geological Survey recorded at least 19 earthquakes across the world. Most notable being the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that shook Mexico and caused fatalities leading into the hundreds. In reality, earthquakes happen almost every day. Magnitude 2 and smaller earthquakes occur several hundred times a day worldwide, while major earthquakes (magnitude 7) occur once a month. “Great earthquakes” (magnitude 8 and higher) occur about once per year. The earth is made up of


Literally Nothing Will Be Able To Convince Trump That Climate Change Is Real

Right now, it feels as though we are in a blockbuster disaster movie about the world ending. One with violent storms, deadly earthquakes and rapidly decreasing environments around the world. Usually, these kinds of movies have a happy ending, with the hero solving all of the major problems and everything going back to normal. Sadly, we are not in a movie; this is real life. This is climate change. For many years, the discussion of


This Is How You Can Help Cuba After Hurricane Irma’s Destruction

Cuban government officials confirmed Irma’s death toll of 10 causalities on Monday. Seven lives were lost in Havana while the last remaining three lives were lost in Matanza, Camaguey and in the regions of Ciego de Avila. With frenetic winds of around 157-mph, Hurricane Irma became Cuba’s second Category 5 storm since 1932. Demolishing the Caribbean island for three consecutive days, Irma’s eye submerged streets of Havana, causing citizens to trudge down chest high waters


Dozens Killed By 8.2 Magnitude Earthquake

The southern part of Mexico was hit with an 8.2 magnitude earthquake a couple minutes past midnight on Thursday, September 7. The earthquake is the biggest to hit the country in a century. So far, 58 people have lost their lives because of the natural disaster. Residents all over the south side of Mexico felt the quake, with many running outside for safety. Mexico City residents were among the more terrified, with their collective memory


#PrayForItaly: Italy Hit By Strongest Earthquake Since 1980

On October 30th, 2016, central Italy was hit by a powerful earthquake with a startling magnitude of 6.6 (some reports say 6.5), making it the strongest earthquake to hit Italy in 36 years. Closest t0 the epicentre was the ancient city Norcia, but the earthquake could be felt as far away as Bolzano, in northern Italy, and Rome and Puglia, in the south, according to Italian news reports. Norcia was also heavily impacted by the deadly earthquake in August

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