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Philippines Remains America’s Top Admirer: The Case of Historical Amnesia and Forgotten Genocide

In a survey conducted in 2015, 92% of its Filipino respondents voted that they had a favourable view of the United States, demonstrating greater enthusiasm for the Western country compared to other traditional American allies in Asia such as Japan and South Korea.   The 92% figure remains a stark contrast even when collated with international data.   The data presented signals that Filipinos are either uneducated on details of the Philippine-American war, or they


Dengvaxia Scare: Prioritize Children’s Welfare

While government officials point fingers and shift the blame for the dengue vaccine failure, tens of thousands of innocent children who were treated like lab rats are facing a lifetime risk of contracting severe dengue due to some authorities’ sheer recklessness and complete oversight. Over 860,000 Filipinos across the National Capital Region, Region IV – CALABARZON and Central Luzon have been administered the first-ever dengue vaccine called Dengvaxia since 2016, and according to the Department


The PRESSing Issue With Mocha Uson

Starlet-turned-political commentator-turned-communications Assistant Secretary Margaux “Mocha” Uson is changing the image of journalism in the Philippines with her ardent support for President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration and blatant criticism of media giants. From regaining popularity during the 2016 election period on her Facebook page entitled MOCHA USON BLOG, the Mocha Girls lead vocalist has also forayed into the film industry as ambassadress of the Metro Manila Film Festival and board member of the Movie and Television


“Collateral Damage”: 17-Year Old Killed in Anti-Drug Operations in Manila

More than a year into the drug war waded by the tough-talking President Rodrigo Duterte, the police said that the Philippines saw her deadliest week so far with 59 suspected drug addicts killed in three days, including a 17-year old senior high school student in Manila. Reports showed that 32 people in Bulacan Province, some 50 km north of Manila, and 27 people in Manila were shot in “one-time, big-time” raids conducted by the Philippine


Forgotten Filipino Heroines That Shaped History

As many popular Filipinas continue to dominate in the beauty pageant and film industry, they’re building many bridges for young Filipino girls to succeed in the same career path. Indeed they are a huge part of creating a brighter future for young girls, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that without the women of the past, there wouldn’t be a future! History textbooks are mostly comprised of male figures who have participated in making the foundation


Watering Down the Death Penalty: Another Bad Decision By The Philippine Government

Last year, there was talk of the death penalty being reinstated back in the Philippines. The proposal was approved, but it had not been passed—until today. The initial proposal indicated 21 different crimes punishable by hanging, firing squad or lethal injection, these crimes included: treason, piracy, destructive arson, bribery, parricide, murder, plunder, infanticide, rape (depending on the situation), possession, sale, trading, administration, importation, delivery, distribution, transportation, manufacturing of dangerous drugs, cultivation of plants classified as

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Transport Groups Are Striking In The Philippines

February 27, 2017, an otherwise regular Monday in the Philippines, had been replaced by a suspension of classes for students all over the country. Of course, students are rejoicing for the loss of a school day, but what is actually going on behind this class suspension? Three transport groups in the Philippines, namely Piston, Stop and Go Coalition and No To Jeepney Phase Out Coalition (NTJPOC), will be holding a strike in more than 20


The Philippines Doesn’t Need a Nickelodeon Theme Park

A few days ago, news broke out that Nickelodeon was planning to build an underwater theme park in Coron, Palawan in the Philippines. To say that Filipinos were shocked is an understatement. Citizens immediately posted their thoughts and opinions on the matter via Facebook and Twitter; some have created petitions, which received nearly 100,000 signatures in less than 24 hours, for the project to be disapproved, but to no such luck as the company, Viacom

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Just Because I Don’t Do STEM, Doesn’t Mean I Am Stupid

Just over three years ago, the Philippines implemented their new K to 12 program, which is basically the same program that all countries follow except for Angola and Djibouti. With this new program, students are given a choice to choose from the Academic, Sports, Arts and Technical-Vocational-Livelihood tracks; however, some Philippines schools only offer the Academic track. This track has four strands underneath it: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM); Humanities


Bidding Goodbye: Remembering the Iron Lady of Asia

“I eat death threats for breakfast.” A phrase coined by one of Asia’s toughest and most renowned politicians, her whole life, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago was seemingly invincible. However, after four years of battling lung cancer, Asia’s Iron Lady passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 71, on 8:52am of September 29th. Dr. Miriam Defensor-Santiago was an orator, author, lawyer, judge, senator, and overall considered one of the most seasoned and recognized politicians, not only

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