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What You Can Do to Fight Anti-Abortion Legislation

Lately, the news has been inundated by the anti-abortion laws that are being passed in several states across the United States. Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Ohio all passed “heartbeat bills” that make abortions after six to eight weeks a crime. Utah and Arkansas both voted to limit abortions to the middle of the second trimester. The worst of them, perhaps, is Alabama’s intensely restrictive bill. The bill, which has been signed by Governor Kay

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Maddi Runkles: Is Any School Truly Pro-Life?

Recently, the story of 18-year-old Maddi Runkles has been making its way around the news. If you don’t recognize the name, she is a teen from Maryland who attends Heritage Academy, a conservative K-12 Christian school. In January, she discovered she was pregnant and told her school, who then gave her a two day suspension and stripped her of her student council position for breaking the abstinence pledge that every student from grades 5-12 must sign.


How Pro-Life Takes Away Women’s Rights

“Pro-life” means a lot of things to a lot of people. But as we see it today pro-life is supporting Trump’s intention of making abortion illegal. People side with being against abortion because they see a fetus that’s even a few weeks old, as a child who deserves to be born. But not everyone sees things this way and not every woman wants to be a mother. There are alternatives like adoption but most of


Here’s A Joke — Mike Pence and Donald Trump Both Claim To Be Pro Life

Throughout Donald Trump’s circus of a campaign and his equally chaotic presidency, he has said that he wants to overturn Roe V. Wade. Roe V. Wade is the Supreme Court ruling that gives women the fundamental right to make their own decisions when it comes to their bodies. Donald Trump aims to do this by appointing a pro-life supreme court nominee. His Vice President Mike Pence is pro-life as well and during his time as governor he signed

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If My Mom Didn’t Have An Abortion, I Wouldn’t Be Here

Lets take it back to the 90’s. My mom was just about 22 years old. She had been in a long term relationship with an older guy all throughout high school, but it ended a couple years beforehand. She moved on to another guy, who was at first seemingly innocent. But as most 20-something year old’s back in the day, partying was her thing. She didn’t have a lot of money, she didn’t have a

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