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Here’s What Gen Zers From The DC Climate Strike Had To Say About Climate Change

Greta Thunberg, a sixteen-year-old environmental activist from Sweden inspired thousands of students to strike for the necessary attention towards climate change. In December 2018, at the UN climate conference, she confidently told the audience, “You say you love your children above all else, and yet you’re stealing their future in front of their very eyes.” Months before, in August of the same year, she went on a strike in front of the Swedish parliament for

Real Life

“We Do Not Consent”: A Look Inside the Ontario High School Protests

In response to this viral photo, hundreds of schools across Ontario took part in a walk-out protest on Friday, September 21. In August, Ontario Premier Doug Ford decided to scrap the 2015 sex education curriculum in favor of a version identical to the one in 1998. As opposed to the 2015 curriculum, there will be no mention of sexting, staying safe online, or scientific names for genitalia. As well, there will be limited teachings about consent,


Utah’s National Parks May Be Destroyed by None Other Than Trump

President Donald Trump is planning to drastically scale two national monuments in Utah. According to the Washington Post, Bears Ears national park, which is currently 1.35 million acres, could be shrunk by 85 percent, and the 1.9 million acres of Grand Staircase-Escalante national park will also be reduced by 85 percent. Trump will be announcing the proposal when he visits Salt Lake City today (Monday, December 4, 2017). This announcement arrives after Trump requested that


What to Learn From the History of Protest in Sports

John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised their fists during the awards ceremony at the 1968 Olympic Games as homage to the Black Power movement. They stood with the presence of solidarity and empowerment by their sides. Global society was in uproar. Perhaps, were it not for the advocacy by Billie Jean King for Title IX, gender equality among the athletic community would not even come close to being a topic of discussion. The instance stands


Dear Liberals: Not Everything is About Donald Trump

Dear Liberals, with a carbon copy to any and everyone else who might spew the same misconstrued rhetoric in conversations surrounding social justice: Racism and bigotry are not part of a new phenomena caused suddenly by the 2016 Election and inauguration of Donald Trump. What I am stating should be the obvious, so I may be reading as pretentious. Given the monolithic state of Black History lessons, we know about the Middle Passage and enslavement


Why We Cannot Just Forget About Charlottesville

The events that unfolded in Charlottesville, Va., on Friday, August 18 and Saturday, August 19, cannot be forgotten. Somebody f*cking died. Several people were injured. Neo-Nazis and KKK members proudly chanted Nazi slogans. The President of the United States blamed the aforementioned protesters as well as the counter-protesters for the violence that occurred. Amidst all of this, in the last seven days, the word ‘eclipse’ was searched on Google far more than the word ‘Charlottesville’. In


Why BLM Protesters Actually Delayed Twin Cities Pride

The Pride parade in Minnesota took place in Minneapolis on Sunday afternoon, though it was supposed to start in the late morning. The parade was delayed for over an hour by Black Lives Matter protesters, and the reasons for the protest vary, depending on the source. Some sources say the protest was for Philando Castille, and some sources say the protest was against the police presence in the parade. While those aspects were part of


Protests Break Out in France After Unarmed Chinese Man, Liu Shaoyo, Was Killed By Law Enforcement

On Monday, March 20th, French authorities confirmed that they were going to investigate the murder of Liu Shaoyo, 56, by Parisian policemen. By the words of Paris’s police force, shots were fired in self-defense during a raid because Liu Shaoyo approached an officer with a “bladed weapon”. Shaoyo was killed while cutting fish with scissors in front of his children while making dinner, and investigation may lead to the fact that he had not injured

Real Life

Modern Activism on Social Media

Hundreds of thousands of people have seen me topless. This is shocking and true, and perhaps more shockingly, I am proud of this. After a Trump protest my friends and I went to in November, we were cold and went inside a random storefront, which happened to be the gift shop for the Museum of Sex. As we looked around we noticed the Free the Nipple shirts, which depicted a pair of breasts taped with


Thousands Protest at Stonewall Against the Annoying Orange

Thousands of people unite at Stonewall Inn, West Village, NY — where the gay rights movement took off — but this time instead of protesting against the police, they’re protesting against the annoying orange in office. Corey Johnson, member of New York City council and representative of the Greenwich Village, Chelsea and Time Square districts, organized the rally at The Stonewall Inn via Facebook earlier this week. “Join us in front of the Stonewall Inn

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