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What It Means To Be Racist

“The answer to the problems of the black people is in the hands of white society because white institutions hold the power. Blacks are powerless. Period.” – Charles H. King Jr. Accordingly, the question “can black people be racist?” is non-debatable. The term “racism” is broad and comes in many forms, some apparent and some integrated into society. In relation to this, racism is not an idea that should ever be strictly identified with it’s


Dear White People, Your “Dictionary Definition” of Racism is Wrong

Racism as an ideology originated from European scientists in the 17th Century during the Atlantic slave trade. They invented it in order to differentiate themselves from those with different skin colors and darker features, creating a racial hierarchy that continues to this day. It would simply be incorrect to deny that the history of racism has been (and continues to be) one of white supremacy as the label “white” has always been an indication of

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