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Mental Health

This Mental Health Awareness Week, A Reminder On Dealing With Stress

As we come to the end of Mental Health Awareness Week, which this year is focused on stress, it’s key to remember top tips on dealing with stress from exams to work and home life to friendships. Dealing with an overload of stress can lead on to mental health problems from self-injury and even suicide. A study conducted by Mental Health Foundation revealed that 74% of people in the past year have at some point

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Mental Health

How To Deal With Exam Stress

With the exam season soon approaching, many students across the globe are struggling to deal with the stress it brings. In the United Kingdom, pupils are currently getting prepared for their GCSEs and A-Levels exams but it is very easy to get overwhelmed with the pressure the season brings. Childline revealed that in 2016/17, they delivered 3,135 counselling sessions on exam stress alone with a rise of 11% from the previous two years. 1 in

Mental Health

A Burnout Is A Living Nightmare

A burnout is most often described as a state of chronic stress and frustration that leads to detachment, along with physical and emotional exhaustion. There are days, weeks even, when people can’t quite snap themselves together. The things they used to love doing, the passion that they once felt for hobbies or personal projects or even watching TV shows are gone. People become more and more irritable around friends and family. Insomnia plagues the mind

Mental Health

What It’s Like Being Bipolar During the Holidays

If someone ever asked me to describe what my brain feels like when I am having a manic episode, I would tell them that it is like shopping on Black Friday. There are thoughts racing through my head at speeds that I would otherwise think aren’t humanly possible — thoughts that trip over, trample, and fight each other over something that would be rather insignificant on any other day, and the voice of reason that

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Mental Health

Teenage Stress Levels Are Rapidly Increasing, It’s Time We Stop Ignoring the Effect Stress Has on Teens

The average High School teenager today has the same level of anxiety and stress as a 1950’s Psychiatric patient. Which, oddly enough, makes sense considering how many commitments, homework and exams teens now face; whether it’s upcoming SATs, GCSEs or A-Level exams, the amount of pressure placed on teenagers in school to do well is so exponential that it’s not only played a role in the depression rates increasing by 37% among teens in the

Real Life

7 Free Online Study Resources To Help You Succeed This School Year

Studying is an essential component to being successful when it comes to academics. A test left unstudied is like a promise left unfulfilled. But studying isn’t as easy as one would think. Some students don’t understand the topics or are in need of extra help, or simply don’t know the right way to study at all. That’s where study resources come in. These sources are individualized learning guides that are meant to aid students in

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Real Life

5 Back to Uni Tips to Avoid Burning Out

When you dedicate your life to hard work, self-care can start to feel like laziness. If your primary drive for working hard is anxiety, like me, it can be difficult to stop thinking about the tasks you need to complete during your so-called “free time.” With college and university starting up again, it might be time to refresh the way you learn and study during this semester. This short list aims to introduce you to

Real Life

How To Start the School Year Right

It’s that time of year again. Back to school ads popping up everywhere, peers anxiously awaiting their class schedules, and mountains of stress concerning how the year will turn out. But none of these factors have to make the upcoming year worse, and they shouldn’t. Starting out the school year right is the key to ending it right. But how exactly do you begin the school year flawlessly? I’m here to explain that. Whether it

Real Life

A Perfectionist’s Guide To Being Imperfect

Cambridge Dictionary defines a perfectionist as “a person who wants everything to be perfect and demands the highest standards possible.” However, there is one flaw: wanting everything to be perfect is an imperfection in itself. From as long as we existed, it was always a competition to strive better, be better, and attain the best if not second best result. Chasing after the big fat P has always been programmed in our human anatomy, which

Real Life

4 Natural Wellbeing Tips For Stress Management

It is incredibly important to take care of yourself. We often forget about this, as busy humans. That is until, one day, deadline dates seem to draw in closer and walls seem to close in a lot more faster. As many of us experience stress, it can become easier for us to simply dismiss signs of it. It can appear as though many of us live in a culture that upholds productivity to the extent that

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