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Saving Endangered Species to Airport Disruptions: What’s the Deal With Drones?

The drone, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), is a powerful engineering marvel that accurately demonstrates the shifting inclinations towards technology for improving societal welfare. Drones have a spectrum of uses which can be observed through the many projects being carried out world-wide. More commonly, the emerging firefighting drones are mechanisms that have the potential to help put out fires and convey vital information regarding ongoing fires to firefighters, allowing them to focus their efforts in these

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The Availability of STEM Resources in United States

The massive impact of the development of science and technology have tremendously shaped the modern world. As decades passed by, innovators had continuously contributed to the advancement of machinery. Due to this, students around the world adapted to these changes and attempted to incorporate these new knowledge in their system. However, are there enough STEM opportunities for these bright savants to fully engage themselves in their world of scientific inquiry and exploration? Ria Sodhir, a sophomore in the


Chinese Tech Startups Are Hiring Women To “Motivate” Their Coders

Throughout the years, the technology field has made many leaps in improving our daily lives, and while this is admirable, many do not acknowledge the fact that women oftentime face gender discrimination in this male dominated field. Recently, tech startups in China have been seeking out more female employees for their offices; however, their focus has been on hiring women to bring more fun to the office rather than hiring them to write code. According


How New Technological Coding Can Carry Toxic Bias

In 2015, Google came under fire when a software engineer discovered that Google’s photo algorithm labeled pictures of him and his black friends as “gorillas.” Despite promising to fix the issue, new research show that the issue may not have been fixed after all. A recent WIRED article shows that rather than fixing its algorithm, Google simply removed the word “gorilla” from its database in photos. Tests show that while “poodle,” “panda” and “cat” return

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Why I Deleted Snapchat

A month ago, I decided I would delete Snapchat from my phone. This may seem rather drastic for a person aged 17 in a social-media generation, but I assure you my reasoning and benefits I have gained may even convince you that, in fact, we are not as reliant on social media as we may think. It all began during one of my stress breakdowns: I was trying to find the root cause of the


Dystopian Fantasy or Real Life? A Robot Has Been Granted Citizenship in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia took one giant leap for machine-kind today when Sophia the robot became the first robot in history to be granted citizenship.  Sophia, who once said with a blank expression that she will “destroy humans,” is the latest action working towards Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s plan to build a new megacity called Neom. Neom aims to have a population consisting of more robots than people. The city, which will be larger than Dubai, will

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Our Convenient Future: Houses That Move With Us

Perhaps we all dreamed of building and customizing our idealistic homes. Or we have all confronted agitating neighbors and wanted to conveniently move neighborhoods. In either circumstance, people could not easily afford the time of setting up a new house since doing so is a challenging and strenuous process. However, technology — once again — changed the game for house building when it extended the use of 3D printing to print homes with its newest

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Point and Shoot: An Open Letter to Myself

You come from a gifted generation. Each day, you unwrap a stream of new presents, with all the urgency of a morning coffee fix. Your thumbs are always slightly bent from the effort, but your ego is well-massaged by 8 a.m. These daily gifts arrive in frantic bundles, ballooning from the corner of your cell phone screen. They are tiny and pink, bearing a heart with a number – a measurement of their ability to


A Message to Teachers: Comfort is Key

Schools across America are beginning to implement technology into their curriculum. Despite the idea that technology is ruining the classroom setting, the benefits outweigh the problems caused. Students will be more comfortable with assignments and will be more motivated to complete them; also, the options for learning expand when technology is utilized in the classroom. Teenagers have a reputation of being attached to their cell phones; this is partially due to the fact that 82%

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Companion App Lets Your Friends Virtually Walk You Home

At some point in your life, you have had to (or will have to) walk to a destination alone and it will be pitch black outside. It is inevitable and as much as you would want to have someone by your side during this trip, it might a short distance or transportation might not be in your reach. With our society evolving today in terms of technology, apps have been churned out of the Apple/Android App

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