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Where You Should Draw The Line in a Toxic Friendship

People define friendships in a variety of ways. For some, it is given high priority, while others can’t be bothered with it. I fall into the category of the former. I believe friendships play a vital role in our lives. Thus, over the years, I’ve discovered that although at times it can be considered simple to make friends, it can also be a difficult task. An important factor in friendship, is that of responsibility. With

Real Life

You’re Not Selfish, You Just Wanna Be Happy

From a young age, I always found it hard to let go of things when I grew out of them; clothes, stuffed animals, my strawberry 2-piece bathing suit. As I grew older, I would hold onto to more meaningful aspects of my life; relationships, friendships, other cute bathing suits. So naturally, I became a hoarder of feelings…and bathing suits. Many times I’ve tried cleaning out my life and my room, relieving myself of boys, friends,

Mental Health

Your “Flakey Friend” Might Not Be Toxic

Just like relationships, friendships can be incredibly toxic. “Friends” can be emotionally abusive and damaging the victim’s mental health. When people are friends with someone who is using or emotionally abusing them, the best thing they can do is remove themselves from that person. However, I’ve noticed a lot of people refer to “flakey” friends as toxic and that’s not always true. “Flakey friends” is a common term people use for friends that consistently cancel plans, say no to

Real Life

Open Letter for Anyone Struggling with A Bad Friend

You start to doubt it as you sit down by yourself again even when you specifically asked them not to leave you. You begin to let that same fear trickle in slowly like honey on wood, and then you wonder where it is that you lost track of where you stand. However, in a matter of days the doubt is pushed back into a corner where you won’t have to acknowledge it. A vague feeling

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