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How A Society That Roots For White Male Underdogs Created Incel Subculture

Hell hath no fury like a single cis-het white man scorned. The Context One of the more dangerous trends to arise in recent years is characterized by the public sympathizing with and analyzing evil, sociopathic men. Specifically, ones that have targeted women. This is made evident by television’s overwhelming coverage of serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, as well as Star Wars fans’ affinity for Kylo Ren that extends past just liking him “as


Dear Asians: We Need To Address the Anti-Blackness in Our Community

Image: Jama Abdirahman, The Seattle Globalist Content warning: Anti-black slurs The first time I began to realize that there was anti-blackness in our community was a few months ago when one of my Chinese family members told me to beware of black men on the street. I was warned to walk on the other side of the road if there was a “gang” of them, as she said there was a high chance they would steal my

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