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Huda Beauty Doesn’t Showcase Boys In Make-Up — Why The Lack Of Diversity Is A Problem

Huda Kattan (creator of Huda Beauty) makes some of my favorite products. Whether it is her Rose Gold eye shadow pallet that broke the Internet, her high-quality viral eyelashes, or even her top-notch liquid lips, she is a well-established creator that deserves a lot of credit. She is a self-made businesswoman who started as a beauty blogger/guru.

With that being said, this leads me to my main concern with her – WHY DOESN’T SHE INCLUDE BOYS IN MAKEUP ON HER INSTAGRAM PAGE?

Hundreds of other brands such as Anastasia, MILK cosmetics, Marc Jacobs, Cover girl, and Maybe line, just to name a few, have countlessly used boys to advertise their products whether it is on their actual official advertisements or just on their Instagram. Either way they have shown their support for the boys in makeup movement that has really picked up in the last few years.

Huda Beauty on the other hand, has not really shown love to boys in makeup. Scrolling through her Instagram page you will see countless beauty gurus posted daily. Whether they are mini Instagram videos or makeup close-ups, Huda Beauty makes it a point to repost beauty gurus to try and give back to a community she came from. When you look at all of the people she reposts there is ONE similarity amongst all of the people. Race? Nope. Religion? Nope. Gender? YES. Nearly EVERY single person she re-posts on her Instagram is a female.

Now to some people this may not be a big issue, but as a boy in makeup I take serious offense to this. There are so many young and talented boys in makeup who use her products and tag her. Just look up #hudabeauty on Instagram and you will see a wide range of boys who tag her. It’s sad to see a lot of my fellow boys in makeup not get the credit they deserve. It’s hard enough to be a beauty guru on Instagram let alone a boy in makeup so being blacklisted due to your gender is really unfair. The idea that boys should not wear makeup is old news and it’s time for anyone who thinks that way to grow up.

I want to call upon Huda Beauty to make it a priority to post boys in makeup on her page or to explain why she does not. Either way the makeup community as a whole deserves an answer.

I also would like to point out that Huda Kattan lives in (and has a lot of pride for) Dubai which is the same country that denied Gigi Gorgeous access into their country simply because she is transgender! And that’s that on that!

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