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Let’s Talk About Body Positivity: The Queens of Instagram You Should Know About

Body image is discussed a lot in the world of social media. We are constantly bombarded with pictures of skinny, idealistic women who set the standards for the young generations. It seems like insecure teens struggling with body image have the vision of the so-called ‘perfect body’ tattooed on their brains. In fact, the main causes for developing an eating disorder are low self-esteem, social pressure for thinness, social/family problems, and perfection. Teens don’t love themselves anymore, and it is because of the pressure they are under to be pretty.

Social media body idealization is the problem, which is why these body positive social media stars might be the solution. These queens spread hope by loving themselves and teaching others to do the same. The bad part is that they are going largely unnoticed, compared to the Kardshians and Victorias Secret models and so on. They deserve as much recognition and respect as the rest, and it is so unfair that clothing companies still use photoshop and thin models to advertise to the public.

1. @simonemariposa is a model and motivational activist who started the trending tag #wewearwhatwewant which encouraged people to wear whatever, and not listen to body-shamers who said plus-sized was unflattering. In addition to posting fabulous photoshoots of herself, she also posts inspiring messages that support eccentricity, and loving your body.

2.  @theroxyreyes is a Latina model and weightlifter who is partnered with Nike Women and The Good American who focuses on bringing empowerment to women and plus-sized people all over the world. She speaks about her experience with eating disorders and body positivity and encourages people and followers to be loving.

3.  @nadiaaboulhosn  is a blogger, designer, and model who advocates for self acceptance and designs clothes plus-sized women, as well as women with all kinds if different body shapes. She loves fashion and wants people to be accepting, and additionally wants differences to become a part of mainstream media.

These women want plus sized to become considered normal and beautiful. There is no such thing as the perfect body shape or size, because fat and skinny don’t matter. People are not fat, they have fat, and skinny doesn’t necessarily mean healthy either. It is important to be accepting of everyone, because no one is less than human because of their appearance. Your body is a temple, you should treat it that way and let no one tell you how to own your body. When you feel self conscious, please remember these lovely ladies and feel inspired.

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