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Being Social Media Famous Doesn’t Give You An Excuse To Sexually Harass Girls

In the case of semi relevant Youtuber Durte Dom, it appears that social media influence has become something to be exploited and held over girls as though the number of subscribers is a one way ticket into getting intimate with him. Starting with a fellow influencer, Elijah Daniel, there have been numerous sexual harassment accusations made against him. The most prominent of which being made by a 15 year old girl who says that he filmed her sexually dancing.

As can be expected, stans have been up in arms trying to defend him. “We already knew that. That’s just his personality.” is the gist of some of the arguments, as prior to this, Dom has appeared frequently in the vlogs of David Dobrik as a frequent womanizer and a disgusting pervert. This was assumed to be a character of his, ‘shock value’. Not the reality of the person behind the screen.

Not only were people rushing to his defense, but the underage 15 year old girl quickly got caught in the crossfire. Instead of being sympathetic to her plight, individuals began to criticize her. The party was for 18+ only. What had she been doing there? Many implied or flat out stated that it had been her fault for lying about her age – choosing to focus on that, as opposed to the sexual harassment.

Which brings up the question; would it have been okay if she had actually been 18? The simple answer to that, is no. It wouldn’t have mattered. It doesn’t matter. Sexual harassment does not change depending on how old you are. Yes, it can be argued that sexually harassing minors is worse due to minors being unable to fully consent anyway, but that point doesn’t make sexual harassment as an adult any more acceptable.

People seem to be implying that because the party was for over 18s only, it should be attended with the idea that there are going to be ‘horny men’ in the vicinity and indicate that being made to feel uncomfortable is the norm within adult circles. Essentially saying that parties are simply for men to ‘get’ girls as opposed to being a space for having a good time. This is a flawed argument.

Parties are, and should be, a place for celebration or fun. Having a little bit of alcohol in you, or using the excuse that ‘this is for youtube’ does not give someone the right to harass others and make them feel uncomfortable. Just because people are wearing a little less clothing than what they would in their everyday life, does not give someone the right to take advantage of them.

Moreover, consent in any kind of interaction should be the first step before anything procedes. Psychologists need it, doctors need it, even everyday youtubers need it if they want to show someone’s face in a video. Other people’s bodies are not yours to use as you please. Just as you wouldn’t walk into a stranger’s house and pop into their shower, don’t walk into a stranger’s life and start doing what you please. Consent is the bare minimum, especially when it comes to sexual encounters.

If you want more information on Durte Dom, please watch Ally’s recount of how he sexually assaulted her at a party here.

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