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The Friendliest LGBT+ Vacation Spot: Provincetown, Massachusetts

If you’ve been dreaming of a place with a rich history and a warm embrace, then you’re in luck. That’s Provincetown in a nutshell. Nestled on the tip of Cape Cod, this gem has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the friendliest and most vibrant LGBTQ+ vacation spots in all of America. So, why should you consider adding Provincetown to your next friend’s getaway? Well, let’s take a look at some of the must-visit spots in this region, and why Provincetown has long been a safe haven for self-expression and authenticity. 

How to Optimise Your Stay

First things first, Provincetown isn’t just a one-street wonder; it’s huge! And if you’re traveling in a group, you can cut out the hassle of public transport and any last-minute delays by each chipping in for a car. From the iconic Cape Cod National Seashore to the stunning Herring Cove Beach, a set of wheels will have you between both within thirty quick minutes.

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Provincetown’s Vibrant LGBT+ History

Provincetown has long been known to represent all colors of the rainbow. Back in the early 20th century, Provincetown was already buzzing with an artistic bohemian vibe. Painters, writers, and creatives flocked here, drawn to its ethereal beauty and serenity, with the LGBTQ+ community leading the charge. Yep, they were among the pioneers who shaped this place into a safe space for self-expression. 

Now, let’s fast-forward to the 1960’s – a decade of change, revolution, and, yes, the birth of the modern LGBTQ+ rights movement. Provincetown became an incubator for ideas, a hub of activism, and the spark that lit the fire of change. And remember the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1969? Well, Provincetown’s own version of a queer uprising happened a few years earlier when LGBTQ+ folks decided they’d had enough of harassment. The result? A bar named the Boatslip Beach Club hosted a ‘gay-in,’ and that was considered one of the first instances of collective LGBTQ+ resistance.

The struggles, the fights, and the victories of the past have sculpted a community that’s not just tolerant, but genuinely celebrates diversity. That’s why Provincetown is a must-visit for anyone from the community. To feel safe, seen, and heard. 

Where to Go:

Whether you’re looking to party, get a bit cultured, or simply looking for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Provincetown has it all:

Boatslip Beach Club:

This iconic gay resort is not only a place to stay but also a hub of LGBTQ+ activity. The Tea Dance parties here are quite simply legendary, featuring DJ sets, dancing(voguing), and a spectacular view of the harbor. 

Commercial Street:

The heart and soul of Provincetown, Commercial Street is lined with shops, restaurants, art galleries, and LGBTQ+-friendly establishments. It’s perfect for a stroll or a people-watch. 

Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum:

Explore the history of Provincetown and its significance to the LGBTQ+ community at this historic site. The view from the top of the monument is simply breathtaking. 

Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM):

Celebrate LGBTQ+ artists and their contributions to the town’s creative scene at PAAM, which often hosts exhibitions and events highlighting queer art and history. 

Crown & Anchor:

A popular LGBT+ entertainment complex offering various themed nights, performances, drag shows, and a lively dance floor. It’s a must-visit for a fun night out. 

Provincetown Pride:

If you’re visiting in June, don’t miss the excellent Pride celebrations in Provincetown. The town comes alive with parades, parties, and events that celebrate LGBT+ identity and history. 

Herring Cove Beach:

While all Provincetown beaches are LGBT+-friendly, Herring Cove Beach is often considered a gathering spot for the LGBTQ+ community. Enjoy views of the ocean while you channel your inner J.Lo, rolling in the sand and singing ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing.’

Find Yourself In Provincetown

Whether you’re soaking up the delectable energy of the town or finding solace in its serene beauty, Provincetown is waiting, ready to help you find yourself, steal your heart, and keep you coming back for more. It’s a colorful adventure you can’t miss out on.

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