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Important: as we are not a “for-profit” magazine, there is no compensation for being a staff writer. This is all volunteer.

Are you a young teen who has always had an interest in journalism? or have a friend that does? Then join the Affinity Magazine team! Join other teens like yourself posting articles from all over the world! Affinity Magazine allows you to get your writing published and read by thousands of people! You can get your work published and sharpen up on your writing so you can write for The New York Times one day (hopefully!!)

Affinity Magazine works to spotlight teen voices about current events. We find that the media sometimes forgets the voices of teens on many topics! So we are here to give them a voice.

You must be between the ages of 13-19. Please keep in mind that we review applications thoroughly. If you aren’t selected, you can try again at a later time. Expect to hear from us in five days to two weeks usually (if you’re selected). This application is rolling, meaning there is no deadline. We accept all people regardless of race, sex or gender, or country (yes, we accept writers from all over the world). There is no compensation; This is all volunteer.


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Social/Political Writer

Culture/ Entertainment


Stanford University, The University of Washington at St Louis
University of Michigan, New York University 
Georgetown University, Connecticut College, Columbia University
Stanford University, The University of Washington at St Louis
The University of Michigan, New York University, and Georgetown University 

What are our former writers saying about us?

“I learned the foundation of journalism through Affinity Magazine. How to find a news-worthy story, how to research the facts, how to tell the story with accuracy and precision, and how to collaborate with other writers as well! I was also a social media intern and that let me learn more about the logistics of running an online magazine’s social media presence. “

Charlize Alcaraz, 18

“Affinity was the first magazine I ever wrote for. It gave me a lot of experience, exposure and fulfillment in my work and my abilities. Working for Affinity really ignited my passion for writing and getting what I think/feel out there and it made me very interested in the field in general. I worked for 3 other online magazines after Affinity, and it was all a result of me learning from it.”

Farah Hatem, 21


“I’ve learned so many life skills from Affinity, truly! I’ve learned to work and network with many different types of people, brands, representatives etc., and that experience has been invaluable. I’ve learnt so much more about myself as a writer and my writing style, as well as valuable communication skills that I couldn’t have learned from anywhere else at this point in my life. This has translated into my high school life, too; I’ve become ten times more confident in my writing and myself!

Yasti Ranjith, 15



“Affinity helped build my writing skills, which proved to be incredibly useful for me in my program. A lot of my work has to do with writing up research reports and presentations, so writing weekly articles for Affinity gave me the experience and knowledge that I need for many of my courses. I will always be grateful for the time I spent with the magazine because it allowed me to discover an interest I never knew I had and I met some truly wonderful people through Affinity.”

Tharushi Hetti, 21

“It kickstarted me in thinking seriously about making a career in writing, got me used to the format and habit of producing pithy content quickly, and helped me lay out the foundations for a portfolio that has now grown to nearly 100 pieces of writing in various genres. “

Vamika Sinha, 21

“Affinity definitely gave me the real-life experience necessary for a career in journalism. It gave me a platform to speak about music and of course, boosted my resume so that I would be able to find more work in music journalism.”

Mina Johnson, 18

“English isn’t my first language (it’s French) and writing for Affinity helped me strengthen my English skills which are definitely a must now that I’m studying in the UK. My experience writing for the magazine has also helped me choose what field I wanted to study and work in and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.”

Charlotte Yung, 17

“It’s given me the confidence in my own ability. The confidence in my own voice and to voice my opinions in a rational and sensical way, on top of that, they’ve helped me develop the writing skills necessary to advance my abilities and to be awarded various school prizes for my writing. On top of everything, Affinity really gave me endless self-assurance and enrichment that has helped me these past years to succeed academically and I will always be thankful to them for giving me that opportunity.”

Rayan Ramadan, 18

“Affinity helped me find my voice and talk about things that were bothering me. Many of my articles have gotten seen by people I never expected and it’s helped a lot with internship applications”

Tatyana Williams, 20

“Affinity was a wonderful writing experience and set me apart from my classmates for being a published writer and involved in various topics. It was also the publication that got me into music writing, which I am incredibly grateful for.”

Giovanna Trabasso, 22

“It was one of my first experiences writing for a legitimate publication. I used a few pieces in my portfolio for other projects. I wrote some of my best pieces for Affinity and I’m still proud of them today. “

Alexandra Davis, 22