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Fat Isn’t An Insult

Written by Megan Carlson 

Just like many other people, I have been fat my whole life. Every time I tell someone this I hear comments like, “Stop! No you are not!” or, “You’re not fat!” But, I am. When I use the word “fat” I don’t think of it negatively. I don’t associate it with ugly or undesirable. All it does is describe a body type.

Just like skinny or thick or curvy. The difference with the word “fat” is that over the years people have given it a negative connotation. That’s where fat-shaming started to come in.

Anyone slightly overweight is given this negative label and is shamed for not fitting the standard that people think is acceptable! If you’re overweight, you’re automatically ‘obese’. People think these two are the same thing. Not every fat person is obese and unhealthy! We don’t eat McDonald’s for dinner everyday, or stuff our faces with Oreos on the weekends.

If people really cared about what we eat, why don’t they comment on thin people with the same ‘unhealthy diet’? Now, I’m not saying that no one does those things because I’m sure they do and that’s okay too! But, the media, schools and people in general need to stop putting the idea in peoples heads that fat isn’t healthy! So many overweight people eat their fruits and veggies and go to the gym every week. They take care of their bodies and they’re still fat. Shocking, right? People don’t care if you’re the epitome of healthy eating.

If you’re fat, you’re unhealthy in their eyes. They act as if what they say is to help you, but it isn’t. The comments they make on your weight is for THEM. They are uncomfortable seeing fat people. They are even more uncomfortable seeing fat people love themselves. There have been times when I’ve gone out feeling so good about myself, just strutting my stuff and then someone tells me I shouldn’t be wearing what I have on because I’m fat. I’ve heard it so many times and I can almost guarantee all of you have too.

Even though that person may not know it then, they are fat-shaming you. They are telling you what you can and can’t wear based on your weight. I want any fat person reading this to remember; we shouldn’t let their shaming have a negative impact on us! Looking at fat people as gross and spitting rude comments towards us should not make us love ourselves any less! We can wear and look amazing in whatever clothing we want and do what we want with our bodies because it is OUR body. Let people’s opinions of you roll off your back because it’s all about what YOU think of YOU.

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