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Sex Education The Misinformed Teens

Written by Sommer Lawrence 

During high school I personally only had one Sex Education class and let’s just say it wasn’t at all educational–a woman came into the classroom with a box of condoms and a banana waffled.

For about 15 minutes, she talked about how contraception is important because we ‘don’t want to get pregnant’.  To be completely honest it was highly underwhelming, she then asked who wanted to ‘wrap the banana’, and who knew how to do it to the correct standard so no ripping or tearing would not occur. One of my childish classmates decided to put their hand up and then followed to put the condom on to the banana whilst giggling.

Looking back not one of us in that class left that room feeling any more informed about Sex, Sexually transmitted infections, and Teenage pregnancy. If anything we as a group of 14/15-year-old students found the whole thing rather amusing,I can’t comprehend as to why they thought this one class that didn’t go into any depths was sufficient to lead us into the rest of our puberty years ready confident and understanding.

Sex education in my eyes, should first tell you what sex is, how it works the body parts, what will happen to your body the first time and what will happen to your partners,how your body will change, that everybody’s experience is different, the risks of STDS and how ” ill pull out before I shoot” isn’t enough!! erm hello, pre-cum?! There is so much I wish I had known, my peers had known before our first sexual experience.

The age of teen pregnancy is getting lower every year and nobody is trying to put an end to kids having kids.  The thought of a 14-year-old girl giving birth honestly baffles my mind! When I was 14 I barely understood what sex was I just knew it was a rude thing that made babies, according to my parents anyway. I don’t feel that these 14-year-old girls are any more informed than I was hence the teen pregnancy rise.

I do blame social media for younger generations knowing what sex is and going in all guns blazing before they are fully aware of the risks but I’m not just going to shed a bad light on social media because let’s just say Google definitely helped me learn about sex, though there is nothing wrong with a late night Google as to what certain things mean, I shouldn’t have had to do that, I should have been well informed by that point in my life.

Young people, between the ages of 15 to 24, account for 50%! of all new STDS, although they only represent 25% of the sexually experienced population. In 2012, gonorrhoea rates were highest among adolescents and young adults.

In 2012, the highest rates were observed among women aged 20–24 years (578.5) and 15–19 years (521.2). The annual number of new infections is roughly equal among teen girls (51%) and teen guys (49%) nobody is putting a stop to the misinformed youth, School and Parents need to make it their duty to set their children off in the right direction, don’t fail to tell your 15 year old daughter about contraception then be ashamed of her when she comes home pregnant, you should be ashamed of yourselves for not preparing her and having to find out the hard way.

In my opinion, there has got to be a change in the education system when it comes to Sex Ed, why is sexual education less important than English? or Maths? we are going to need it for the rest of our life. Parents and Teachers need to come together and effectively explain the ins and outs of their sexual anatomy and what to expect, how to keep yourself healthy, clean of STDS and put a stop to underage pregnancy.

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