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Keeping The Bern Alive: Sen. Bernie Sanders Is Not Backing Down


Contrary to former belief, Sen. Bernie Sanders has decided to stay in the presidential race. After Sanders announced that he was, in fact, endorsing his opponent Hilary Clinton, Bernie supporters across the country collectively sighed in defeat. To them, Sanders’ race appeared to be over and the over-worked candidate was finally throwing in the towel. To be fair, Sanders’ presidential future didn’t (and still doesn’t) look the brightest, being that he’s noticeably behind Clinton in terms of delegate counts. However, the candidacy race doesn’t solely rely on delegate counts and this is where Sanders’ hope lies.

Perhaps the main factor that urged Sanders not to give in was the blatantly obvious- his candidate was facing an FBI criminal investigation. It almost seems too easy, right? Come July 25, Clinton may not even be eligible to run the race at all. Of course, this is a big maybe, but Sanders can take any beacon of hope that is offered to him at this point. There is a small chance that even if the investigation did find something offsetting in Clinton’s emails, that the presidential candidate may not face any legal consequences. We all know what happens when white people of great political power and notoriety get in trouble with the law- it may be publicized but that definitely doesn’t mean that she will face in repercussions. I guess only time will tell.

For now, liberals everywhere rejoice at the news that their most promising candidate has not stepped down yet. It’s not very hard to beat the other presidential options at the moment, and Sanders is the answer to many’s anxious prayers. Millenials, especially, took a special liking to Sanders since the beginning, and if we’ve learned anything from the Brexit it’s that listening to the millennials is extremely important. At least until the Democratic Convention in July, Sanders will still be firmly planted in this race. With 1900 delegates that are willing to support his name, he vowed to attend the convention with the hope that in the last few weeks leading to the big date and the last few months leading to the presidential election, Sanders will make a noticeable impact in the mind’s of voters everywhere.

Although the millennial’s vote is very powerful, it’s not enough to beat the versatile demographic of Trump’s supporters or even Hilary’s supporters. Sanders does have the upper hand in celebrity endorsements, with supporters like Emma Watson and Will Ferrel, but Trump and Clinton seem to be doing just fine without the approval and appraisal of those on T.V or in movies. In short, it may take a bit more prodding and advocating for Sander’s decision to stay in the race to truly pay off. But as for now, as this unreal election continues, and we continue to wonder (and hope) that this is all merely a cruel joke, we can only ask what comes next?

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