August has just started and with school just around the corner, it’s easy to find ourselves struggling against tidal waves of second guessing and insecurities. Will my peers like me? Will my classes be okay? What if they think I’m weird? What if I don’t look okay?

Dear stranger, you are beautiful.

We’ve all been here before. Maybe some more than others. Maybe this is the first time it’s happening for you. Let’s face the truth, though. In a society that is constantly comparing, sizing up, and criticizing the way we look, we probably have all struggled with body positivity at one point or another.

Dear stranger, please remember: you are lovely.

Sometimes we gain weight over summer. Sometimes we don’t achieve the goal we had originally set out to achieve. Whether you wanted to lose or gain weight, build muscles, or achieve some sort of personal appearance goal, I want you to remember that it’s okay that you haven’t. Because at the end of the day, what we really need to remember is that those who matter won’t care. There will be more days to get to your goal. At the end of the day, it’s not your physical appearance that people should remember. It’s your kindness, intelligence, the way you carry yourself and word your ideals.

Dear stranger, this is me reminding you… you are so beautiful.

There will be days where you’ll avoid the mirror. Sometimes you might be hard on yourself because of how you see yourself. And yes, sometimes it will be hard to ignore that. It will be hard to avoid remarks, looks, and sometimes even confrontation. However, you are still so lovely.

Dear stranger, you are brilliant.

So on days where you feel insecurities gnawing at you from the back of your mind… on the days where you can’t even look at yourself because you don’t like what you see… please remember this. Remember you possess the power to challenge anyone. Remember that your voice too can be heard if you raise it high enough. Your bones were crafted with the very same stardust that held up castles, forts, and warriors. You hold iron in your body. That very same element found at the very core of every single star in our universe. You too were made to brighten up dark spaces. Your smile alone holds the power to do that.

Dear stranger,

Some days might be bad. Some might even seem like the very worst, but remember: the Earth will keep spinning on its axis. The sun will rise again. You are so beautiful, and I hope soon you feel the same.

Dear stranger: I think you’re breathtaking.

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