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Don’t Get Scammed: How To Tell If Your Kylie Lip Kit Is Fake

Kylie Lip Kits are probably the most popular makeup products. They are also very expensive and sell out like wildfire. With that being said, many have resorted to buying lip kits on Ebay or Mercari to get their hands on a lip kit. Most of the time, these lip kits get jacked up in prices or they’re sold dirt cheap. Whether or not you’re into buying fake makeup or just skeptical how authentic the Kylie Lip Kit you just bought is, this guide will teach you how to know if your lip kit is fake because no one likes to get scammed. Plus fake make-up has many hazardous chemicals that can harm you.

kylie lip kit real vs fake

The lip kit on the left is a fake Dolce K lip kit and the True Brown Lip Kit on the right is an authentic lip kit. Looking at them, they look almost identical but if you look closer the grill of the real Kylie Lip Kit changes color slightly in the light.
That is pretty much the biggest giveaway.


On the fake lip kit, Dolce K is spaced out slightly while True Brown K is not.
The font on the real lip kit is a little bolder and bigger.


Another big giveaway is the length, the fake lip kit is shorter and the packaging is made of plastic. Therefore, the fake Kylie Lip Kit is very light while the real Kylie Lip Kit is made of glass and has some weight to it.

kylie real vs fake

Lastly, the letters on the fake lip kit are thinner and less dark than the real one. The letters on the fake lip kit look very worn out compared to the real one.

Those are the 3 surefire ways to tell if your lip kit is fake. Please keep in mind that if you are buying a lip kit and the price is very cheap then there is a good chance that its fake. If you buy a lip kit on Aliexpress just know that it is 100% fake. However, don’t be afraid to report a seller if they do sell you counterfeit makeup and make sure to get a refund.

Be a more informed consumer and don’t let yourself get scammed!

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