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We Are Tired of Being in the Shadow: 10 WOC-Owned Brands That Deserve To Be Household Names

For what seems to be forever, people of color have been hidden away from the rightful spotlight they deserve of the makeup/skincare industry. We are now in 2017 and although we have made some progress, we still have a lot to improve on. As a young girl I rarely saw people of color on covers of makeup brands or magazines, I never saw darker skin toned Barbies for the barbie dream makeup salon. My play makeup never came out the color it was supposed to on my or my sister’s skin because our skin was not as fair as society wished it was.

Fast forward 15 long years later and I am extremely excited to say that I finally have found some incredible businesses owned by people of color, who use POC models and have shades for all different types of skin. I have found 10 of the most inspiring, outstandingly incredible makeup and skincare brands I have ever seen and they are all owned and run by some remarkable, beautiful women of color. As a young Latina, all I ever dreamed of was to be able to buy from a brand created by and made for people of all different shades, now with the power of the internet I have found 5 incredible diverse makeup brands and 5 of the most effective trustworthy skincare brands that deserve all the rave in the world and to be in the spotlight.


Reina Rebelde is a Latina-owned makeup brand most known for their high-shine, pigmented lip glosses unlike any I have ever seen before. Reina Rebelde is also known for their intense, unique eyeshadows, all of their products also scream Latina pride with names such as “XICANA” “ROSA SALVAJE” and “ZAPATISTA”.


LOE CAL is a Black-owned makeup brand highly praised for their creamy, pigmented, universal highlighters that will literally blind you. LOE CAL also carries a variety of intense lip glosses, loose pigments and glitters, all of which are very affordable and not to mention the packaging on these items are above and beyond.


Ellana Mineral Cosmetics is a 100% vegan, talc-free, fragrance-free, cruelty-free Filipino-owned makeup and skincare brand. Their most sought out product is their loose mineral foundation and blushes with shades specifically met to meet the various skin tones of our Filipino sisters. They are adored for their verity of long lasting, full coverage powders being infused with natural sun protection and Vitamins C, E & Allantoin.


Honey Kissed cosmetics is an all-natural Black-owned makeup brand that carries multiple, magical, must-have lip glosses. HK cosmetics also carries many loose glitters and illuminators. Their entire brand put together is one big vivacious makeup line that screams bold and beautiful.


BAHI Cosmetics is a paraben-free and 100% natural Black-owned cosmetics brand that performs beautifully on all skin types. Bahi is widely known for their setting spray that won’t budge and their luxurious metallic loose highlighters for those who dream of an intense and radiant glow.

Bahi is most famous for their skincare line, specifically their best selling acne and scar fighting Sunflower serum. Their facial masks, facial soaps, toners and serums have helped countless people finally feel confident and comfortable in their own skin one Sunflower Serum at a time.


Lotus Herbals is an Indian-owned makeup and skincare brand that offers makeup products that use herbal ingredients and are cruelty-free. Their most raved-about product is their highly protective sunscreen and their must-have makeup removers that take off even the most pigmented lipsticks with just a couple swipes. Lotus Herbal caters specifically for Indian Skin tones and additionally carries very comfortable, long lasting, vibrant lipsticks and eyeliners.


Medicine of the People is a Native American-owned brand that makes products using traditional knowledge of plants passed down to her by her Navajo father, Sam Boone. They carry herbal balms and lotions made from native plants to help heal burns, cuts, arthritis, sore muscles, stress and eczema. The indigenous brand helps us connect to the earth and heal our spirits all while keeping the wonderful  Navajo traditions alive.


Nola Skin Essentials is a Black-owned Vegan + Cruelty-Free skincare brand, their best sellers are their clarifying face wash and witches brew toner, after your first use you will be blown away and the products for sure will make it into your everyday routine. They are also known for their highly effective hyper pigmentation serum.


VTMN is a Hispanic-owned handmade organic skin care business created with no harsh chemicals or preservatives. VTMN’s most loved products are their acne fighting Cinnamon Bun Acne Treatment and their Chamomile Tea Toner. Their affordable reliable line also includes some incredible eyebrow/lash and beard oil that helps with growing and repairing.


Eudora Skin is a unique, Black-owned skincare brand that seems to solve your skin problems just by reading the ingredients. This brand is most known for their Heal and Repair Facial Serum that goes in full effect and shows results overnight. Eudora skin also features a verity of soaps unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

For all those interested in products like the ones mentioned, please support and take a look at the websites of these excellent brands owned by POC and help them thrive and grow.

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